Master, Mahatma Ram Chandraji Maharaj Says:

"While Welcoming the Mankind for the Spirituality and for practical experiences"

He declares -

"The end of Religion is the

beginning of Spirituality.

The end of Spirituality is the

beginning of Reality.

The end of Reality is the

Real Bliss.

When that too is gone

We have reached the

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Views About Master, Method, Meditation (Part -1)

1. Born to serve

2. Purnamadaha Purnamidam

3. Mahatma Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj (By the grace of)

Born to serve the mankind as motto of His life, Sacrifice as a way, service as a result, sincerity as nature, love is embodiment, honesty as an approach, welfare and well being of creation is His duty, Divinity as His second nature, The Shrine is His Mane, The Sanctum sanctorum is His Heart, His form is The Ultimate, The Divinity which graced His Sanctum Sanctorum is Human, such is the expression of My Master Shri.Ramchandra Ji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur, U.P., for the sake of Mankind, rather My Master Worshipped the Mankind and service is as sacred duty to the mankind ,nay He Lived, breathed, thought, acted all along of His Living Physically on this Earth only to see that the continuity of this race is continued and established eternally this principle of continuity. He did it and continues to do it with His Prana Eternal.

Time, Space, Deep Space and Beyond He reverberated this Sankalpa, rather embraced Entire Existence with This Principle.
Such a One, we called with a Small Word Called Master. How befitting that word for Him? Can it contain Him? Can it be a proper expression? Can we find any better word? Can this language have that Strength and Capacity in its Vocabulary to give a decent and dignified expression? Let us try this:

Guru Brahma! Guru Vishnu! Gurudevo Maheswaraha! Guru Sakshath Parabrahma! Tasmai Shri Guruve Namaha!
It appears it is a little expression of His Self. Let us see whether the following expression may suit Him

Oh! Master Thou art the Real Goal of Human Life,

We are yet but slaves of Wishes, putting bar to our Advancement,

Thou art the only God and Power to bring me up to that Stage.

Still, I personally feel, I couldn’t touch the fringes of Him
A meek self is me, Oh! Lord How is it that this self can address Thou.
This same-me is the one Oh! Lord, who attempted in vain, to reach Thou.
Thou Gracious sets into motion that process of nullification in this same-me.
Me, remained as hard as ever not to respond to Thy Process of Divine Warmth.
Nay, Nay, Nay the way, for this same-me to respond to Thy endless calls!
This same-me seeks, pleads, prays, Thou Art is What?
What This self to call Thou!
Neither this Nor That, Neither Divine nor Undivine, Neither Master Nor Servant, Then what? Have Mercy! Beyond that what ever is there that is Thou State and Thy Self is The Master of That state.

In the context of my release of bondage, if the prayer is submitted, though permitted, it appears to me that I am limiting That State of Master to this plane, if I could pray to That State of Master, who’s That Master who’s one of the gifts, offered to mankind, is release of the bondages, but not alone is this one only. Higher than that purpose for which He Graced this Earth by His Birth. The same prayer with this new leap in understanding is befitting to offer through which my release is guaranteed. Let me resume the prayer.

Oh! Master Thou art the real goal of human life,

We are yet but slaves of wishes putting bar to our advancement,

Thou art the only God and power to bring me up to that stage.

---End of Article---

Purnam, Purnasya, Purnamidam……………..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Ekam Anekam……..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Ekam……Bahulam…….,,,,,

Dharmo Rakshathi RakshithaHa……..,,,,,,,,,,,,,”

Ancient Wisdom Spelt That way About The Creation-The Manifestation-The Continuation, in the Land of Wisdom called “Bharath” of the Ancient Times.

From which Everything is born, From which Everything Sustained, Of which Everything Became.

“Dharma” Wisemen of the Times Phrased this word to communicate an Eternal Principle, This Eternal Principle became the source of generation of innumerable Principles and named as Masterly Principle, and who manages that Masterly Principle, is The Master of The Manifestations, every emerged principle is also the same principle of Eternal Masterly Principle.

The Structure for Emerging is Manifested from The Complete, The One, when The One to became Many, first the process was set into motion to became many, and then the process is guided to absorb needed energies and capabilities like The One, and to contain that process and to reproduce the same in order to become many, a need emerged and the emerged need manifested a Frame for the energies, energies absorbed to contain the Frame and to Conduct the needed capacities are emerged in the frame, then This Structure Emerged, Named Dharma, The Eternal Masterly Principle.

From which everything is born, From which Everything Sustained, Of which Everything became.

When Emerged and Expressed, they are emerged and expressed, when to interpret the Emerged or Expressed, need to give name comprising the understanding of the same, of quality, function, continuity, its strength etc., here comes the role of The Heart, and The Mind, of its status, of its state, of its level, of its plane, of its dimension and of The Body which possess the mentioned The Heart and The Mind.

The Body with The Heart and The Mind and to have the capabilities to interpret, when interpreted to reflect the same as it exists and continues to exist in the same way the one which got interpreted, that capacity and power with the needed energy to assimilate the total existence and interpret is named as Wisdom.

Universe’s Physical Manifestation Expresses a Certain and Definite Universal Principle

and Universal Principles, When Observed, named as Eternal Masterly Principle.

To fulfill a Purpose a Principle is manifested and Goal emerged, the Principle Goal is The Purpose.What is the Purpose of all these, The Answer is in the form of Physical Manifestation of the Universes.

Manifested for what, to Exist, Exists for What, Exists to Continue, Continue for what, Continue for Continuity, means what, The Cycle, The Perfect Circle, hence the theory is born that there is no loss of any energy in change of forms, what so ever, it is only changing form.

The Perfect Circle comprises-Existence of Energy, Momentum of Energy, Velocity of Energy, Quantum of Energy, Quality of Energy, Nature of Energy, Orbit of Energy, Bonding of Energy, To Enact This way An Eternal Principle is in Existence and In Action and binding this way.

Enactment of Energy in the above presented way produced the Distance and Time and Space as well as Physical Manifestations in solid form, of different times, different distances, different spaces, and different universes, as the momentum of released energies are set into motion with a specific purpose, with a specific amount, with a specific velocity, with a specific power and the emerged energies achieved the goal of bringing the needed manifestation as was set by The Supreme.

The Matter, The Energy, The Quality, The Purpose all are Present Now, for the Emerging of the Darling of the Creation, The Marvel, The Unparallel, and The Only One, The Human, who is the form of fine matter, fine energies, fine disposition, with all the essence of The Perfect One, and with all the capabilities and powers and energies of The Complete One.

This Human Race possesses the expression of fine matter in the form of Physical Body, the expression of fine energies in the form of The Energy Body, in between of the The Energy Body and Physical Body a state emerged and taken the form of a fine body which is born in the process, emerged the fine body named as Subtle Body.

The Manifested Human is a distinguished form of Existence and different from the rest of species and creation and He possess The Spirit, The Consciousness, The Thought Power, The Mind, The Human Heart.

The Complete One replica, The Human has emerged with that awareness how so ever feeble it may be to feel, that he is part of something and he got separated and this produced an imbalance, and infact he is the result of that imbalance in That One, in him, resulting, rather expressed in some sort of inconvenience in the existence, and he interpreted it as misery. This is Vibrantly Visible in Some Minds and Felt in Some Hearts in a Vibrant Way and Those Hearts and Minds have Realized That Truth and further Realized that The Human has to Become One With That One and it became their sacred duty, because any existence is not supposed to remain in misery and to remain in balance is the way for the existence, and They Set forth their Eyes Upon That Misery and On Him, The Complete, to find ways and means to Reach.

They Profoundly Felt The Eternal Masterly Principle which they named as Dharma, which is the cause of rest of the innumerable principles, which they became further cause of this manifestation, and they shaped the man as man and further they realized that the human race has to adhere to those Principles so as to remain on the path and continue to remain on the path helps the human in their endeavor as the human can utilize the energies presented in those principles and as he has the capacity to draw and convert, manifest the needed energies for the endeavors and purposes, his remaining provide him with additional source of assistance, as such Those Men with Wisdom named this process and principles as path, and as of Divine, and they further indulged in finding the means to evolve and rise up to that stage.

Apart from the distance and nature’s Obstructions in the Forms of Energies to The Destination, The Man has also Manifested his own Universes within Him individually, further and additional burden and thereby making the task tough and almost impossible, and this led to further imbalance in him, which visible in the present world, as well in the Universes, though his appearance is small and tiny, which is deceptive, because it does not indicate his capacities and powers presented in him and his capacity of absorption of energies, production of energies and containing capacities as ever lasting.

Men of Wisdom Time and Again born on this planet and interpreted those eternal principles, with their capacities and with their enlightenment, depending upon the need of the populace and time and place for the evolution of the mankind, and that resulted in innumerable forms of ways and means attempting to satiate the men of the times, but at the same time the human race is also on move and in the process, innumerable curvatures of energies in the form of contra principle to Eternal Principles emerged and thereby resulting into friction, chaos, imbalance of unparalleled dimension manifested, demanding immediate intervention as the entire race is not in a position to take the support of The Eternal Masterly Principle rather attempting to destroy That Very Principle which is the source of their emerging and sustenance and continuation, which the wise men of the ancient times named as Adharma.

From Dharma, The Nyaya, From Nyaya, The Neethi, From Neethi, The Niyama, From Niyama, The Niyamitha, From The Niyamitha to Nirupana, From Nirupana to Nischaya, From Nischaya to Nirmitha, From Nirmitha to Bhoga. Punya and Punyaphala.

From Adharma, The Anyaya, From Anyaya to Anaithi, From Anaithi to Akrama, From Akrama to Anishchaya, From Anishchaya to Anirupana, From Anirupana to Anirupana Nirmitha, Anirupana Nirmitha to Bhoga. Papa and Papaphala.

“Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshitha ha……”, as the human race reached a state where they were not in a position to think and not in a position to redo, and incapable to do any thing apart from redo and ended up in helplessness and their living itself became a state, if minutely observed the presented state, the conclusion is hopelessly bad and no chance of redoing or the correcting and it is beyond the state and stage of correction as the entire existence was affected and total imbalance is exhibited and under the circumstances there is no other way left, rather it is better to manifest afresh than trying to mend for The Master, to enact the process of destruction, destroying it in entirety as final annihilation if not The Master is Essential To Set right The Masterly Principle, again in its original and modified form, to do that another The First Stir is essential, thence the Prayer is born,

Oh! Master,

Thou Art the Real Goal Of Human Life,

We are yet but slaves of wishes putting bar to our Advancement,

Thou Art the Only God and Power to bring me up to That stage.

To do that Prayer to set right The Masterly Principle, Only One The Master is Eligible, And That One is The Ultimate in Human Form The Mahatma Shri Ramchandraji Maharaj, Shahjahanpur, U.P. India.

---End of Article---

Mahatma Shri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur U.P.India.

By the grace of Param Pujya Shri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur,U.P., India, this insignificant being able to put up with troubles and turmoils of this existence. The inbuilt mechanism which was designed and crafted by The Lord has the capacity to withstand the miserable existence and by His Grace that miserable existence transformed into a state of living in true sense.

When viewed from any angle and corner of this life perspective and this existence couldn’t imagine the transformation as it was never ever near to these noble principles of life, leave alone to the state of transformation, what to talk of purity, nobility and divinity when there was no living only for this life and existence.

This is purely of my personal experience of life and existence that till He Graciously gave the glimpse of quality of my life and existence and supported me to withstand that experience of my miserable existence, then only it became possible to have the glimpses of quality of my life and its existence.

Dumbfounded is me already and became Dumb and Deaf too and the blindness too followed the path leaving this me to speak, to hear and to see the world around me and my existence, and the state of existence of the both, as these noble tools I used all along of my life only to satisfy my senses but not to experience the Divinity. I failed to put to use the vocal chords for the remembrance of the Lord, I failed to hear the voice of real, I failed to see the Master, so I am . Now What I can say? To whom I can Say? Left me in the lurch, this state of me after experiencing the glimpse of my existence.

Life is to live and life is for lively and life is liveliness, life is love when a man has the life and starts living all these states may be possible to experience.

What about a person who doesn’t have any life at all?

Then it is my duty to restore the life first, who can do that for me, only the one who has command over the Life of the Life Force, who can do the Prana Prathista, and who can give that drop of Nectar of Life, who can issue forth that ray which can give life to the Nectar as well as bring forth that awareness in the living dead system, who has such method at his command and means and can make it available to me for my sake.

Param Pujya Shri.Babuji Maharaj is the One who could do all and beyond for me, and he gave me the method Sahaj Marg, with the Prana Eternal called Transmission, Pranasya Pranaha, and removed my oppression and made it possible to realize within a short time and easy to follow and practice method with a simple prayer called statement of facts of me, and He Himself available Eternally for me and for mankind.

--End of Article---

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