Master, Mahatma Ram Chandraji Maharaj Says:

"While Welcoming the Mankind for the Spirituality and for practical experiences"

He declares -

"The end of Religion is the

beginning of Spirituality.

The end of Spirituality is the

beginning of Reality.

The end of Reality is the

Real Bliss.

When that too is gone

We have reached the

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Views About Master, Method, Meditation (Part -1)

1. Born to serve

2. Purnamadaha Purnamidam

3. Mahatma Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj (By the grace of)

Born to serve the mankind as motto of His life, Sacrifice as a way, service as a result, sincerity as nature, love is embodiment, honesty as an approach, welfare and well being of creation is His duty, Divinity as His second nature, The Shrine is His Mane, The Sanctum sanctorum is His Heart, His form is The Ultimate, The Divinity which graced His Sanctum Sanctorum is Human, such is the expression of My Master Shri.Ramchandra Ji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur, U.P., for the sake of Mankind, rather My Master Worshipped the Mankind and service is as sacred duty to the mankind ,nay He Lived, breathed, thought, acted all along of His Living Physically on this Earth only to see that the continuity of this race is continued and established eternally this principle of continuity. He did it and continues to do it with His Prana Eternal.

Time, Space, Deep Space and Beyond He reverberated this Sankalpa, rather embraced Entire Existence with This Principle.
Such a One, we called with a Small Word Called Master. How befitting that word for Him? Can it contain Him? Can it be a proper expression? Can we find any better word? Can this language have that Strength and Capacity in its Vocabulary to give a decent and dignified expression? Let us try this:

Guru Brahma! Guru Vishnu! Gurudevo Maheswaraha! Guru Sakshath Parabrahma! Tasmai Shri Guruve Namaha!
It appears it is a little expression of His Self. Let us see whether the following expression may suit Him

Oh! Master Thou art the Real Goal of Human Life,

We are yet but slaves of Wishes, putting bar to our Advancement,

Thou art the only God and Power to bring me up to that Stage.

Still, I personally feel, I couldn’t touch the fringes of Him
A meek self is me, Oh! Lord How is it that this self can address Thou.
This same-me is the one Oh! Lord, who attempted in vain, to reach Thou.
Thou Gracious sets into motion that process of nullification in this same-me.
Me, remained as hard as ever not to respond to Thy Process of Divine Warmth.
Nay, Nay, Nay the way, for this same-me to respond to Thy endless calls!
This same-me seeks, pleads, prays, Thou Art is What?
What This self to call Thou!
Neither this Nor That, Neither Divine nor Undivine, Neither Master Nor Servant, Then what? Have Mercy! Beyond that what ever is there that is Thou State and Thy Self is The Master of That state.

In the context of my release of bondage, if the prayer is submitted, though permitted, it appears to me that I am limiting That State of Master to this plane, if I could pray to That State of Master, who’s That Master who’s one of the gifts, offered to mankind, is release of the bondages, but not alone is this one only. Higher than that purpose for which He Graced this Earth by His Birth. The same prayer with this new leap in understanding is befitting to offer through which my release is guaranteed. Let me resume the prayer.

Oh! Master Thou art the real goal of human life,

We are yet but slaves of wishes putting bar to our advancement,

Thou art the only God and power to bring me up to that stage.

---End of Article---

Purnam, Purnasya, Purnamidam……………..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Ekam Anekam……..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Ekam……Bahulam…….,,,,,

Dharmo Rakshathi RakshithaHa……..,,,,,,,,,,,,,”

Ancient Wisdom Spelt That way About The Creation-The Manifestation-The Continuation, in the Land of Wisdom called “Bharath” of the Ancient Times.

From which Everything is born, From which Everything Sustained, Of which Everything Became.

“Dharma” Wisemen of the Times Phrased this word to communicate an Eternal Principle, This Eternal Principle became the source of generation of innumerable Principles and named as Masterly Principle, and who manages that Masterly Principle, is The Master of The Manifestations, every emerged principle is also the same principle of Eternal Masterly Principle.

The Structure for Emerging is Manifested from The Complete, The One, when The One to became Many, first the process was set into motion to became many, and then the process is guided to absorb needed energies and capabilities like The One, and to contain that process and to reproduce the same in order to become many, a need emerged and the emerged need manifested a Frame for the energies, energies absorbed to contain the Frame and to Conduct the needed capacities are emerged in the frame, then This Structure Emerged, Named Dharma, The Eternal Masterly Principle.

From which everything is born, From which Everything Sustained, Of which Everything became.

When Emerged and Expressed, they are emerged and expressed, when to interpret the Emerged or Expressed, need to give name comprising the understanding of the same, of quality, function, continuity, its strength etc., here comes the role of The Heart, and The Mind, of its status, of its state, of its level, of its plane, of its dimension and of The Body which possess the mentioned The Heart and The Mind.

The Body with The Heart and The Mind and to have the capabilities to interpret, when interpreted to reflect the same as it exists and continues to exist in the same way the one which got interpreted, that capacity and power with the needed energy to assimilate the total existence and interpret is named as Wisdom.

Universe’s Physical Manifestation Expresses a Certain and Definite Universal Principle

and Universal Principles, When Observed, named as Eternal Masterly Principle.

To fulfill a Purpose a Principle is manifested and Goal emerged, the Principle Goal is The Purpose.What is the Purpose of all these, The Answer is in the form of Physical Manifestation of the Universes.

Manifested for what, to Exist, Exists for What, Exists to Continue, Continue for what, Continue for Continuity, means what, The Cycle, The Perfect Circle, hence the theory is born that there is no loss of any energy in change of forms, what so ever, it is only changing form.

The Perfect Circle comprises-Existence of Energy, Momentum of Energy, Velocity of Energy, Quantum of Energy, Quality of Energy, Nature of Energy, Orbit of Energy, Bonding of Energy, To Enact This way An Eternal Principle is in Existence and In Action and binding this way.

Enactment of Energy in the above presented way produced the Distance and Time and Space as well as Physical Manifestations in solid form, of different times, different distances, different spaces, and different universes, as the momentum of released energies are set into motion with a specific purpose, with a specific amount, with a specific velocity, with a specific power and the emerged energies achieved the goal of bringing the needed manifestation as was set by The Supreme.

The Matter, The Energy, The Quality, The Purpose all are Present Now, for the Emerging of the Darling of the Creation, The Marvel, The Unparallel, and The Only One, The Human, who is the form of fine matter, fine energies, fine disposition, with all the essence of The Perfect One, and with all the capabilities and powers and energies of The Complete One.

This Human Race possesses the expression of fine matter in the form of Physical Body, the expression of fine energies in the form of The Energy Body, in between of the The Energy Body and Physical Body a state emerged and taken the form of a fine body which is born in the process, emerged the fine body named as Subtle Body.

The Manifested Human is a distinguished form of Existence and different from the rest of species and creation and He possess The Spirit, The Consciousness, The Thought Power, The Mind, The Human Heart.

The Complete One replica, The Human has emerged with that awareness how so ever feeble it may be to feel, that he is part of something and he got separated and this produced an imbalance, and infact he is the result of that imbalance in That One, in him, resulting, rather expressed in some sort of inconvenience in the existence, and he interpreted it as misery. This is Vibrantly Visible in Some Minds and Felt in Some Hearts in a Vibrant Way and Those Hearts and Minds have Realized That Truth and further Realized that The Human has to Become One With That One and it became their sacred duty, because any existence is not supposed to remain in misery and to remain in balance is the way for the existence, and They Set forth their Eyes Upon That Misery and On Him, The Complete, to find ways and means to Reach.

They Profoundly Felt The Eternal Masterly Principle which they named as Dharma, which is the cause of rest of the innumerable principles, which they became further cause of this manifestation, and they shaped the man as man and further they realized that the human race has to adhere to those Principles so as to remain on the path and continue to remain on the path helps the human in their endeavor as the human can utilize the energies presented in those principles and as he has the capacity to draw and convert, manifest the needed energies for the endeavors and purposes, his remaining provide him with additional source of assistance, as such Those Men with Wisdom named this process and principles as path, and as of Divine, and they further indulged in finding the means to evolve and rise up to that stage.

Apart from the distance and nature’s Obstructions in the Forms of Energies to The Destination, The Man has also Manifested his own Universes within Him individually, further and additional burden and thereby making the task tough and almost impossible, and this led to further imbalance in him, which visible in the present world, as well in the Universes, though his appearance is small and tiny, which is deceptive, because it does not indicate his capacities and powers presented in him and his capacity of absorption of energies, production of energies and containing capacities as ever lasting.

Men of Wisdom Time and Again born on this planet and interpreted those eternal principles, with their capacities and with their enlightenment, depending upon the need of the populace and time and place for the evolution of the mankind, and that resulted in innumerable forms of ways and means attempting to satiate the men of the times, but at the same time the human race is also on move and in the process, innumerable curvatures of energies in the form of contra principle to Eternal Principles emerged and thereby resulting into friction, chaos, imbalance of unparalleled dimension manifested, demanding immediate intervention as the entire race is not in a position to take the support of The Eternal Masterly Principle rather attempting to destroy That Very Principle which is the source of their emerging and sustenance and continuation, which the wise men of the ancient times named as Adharma.

From Dharma, The Nyaya, From Nyaya, The Neethi, From Neethi, The Niyama, From Niyama, The Niyamitha, From The Niyamitha to Nirupana, From Nirupana to Nischaya, From Nischaya to Nirmitha, From Nirmitha to Bhoga. Punya and Punyaphala.

From Adharma, The Anyaya, From Anyaya to Anaithi, From Anaithi to Akrama, From Akrama to Anishchaya, From Anishchaya to Anirupana, From Anirupana to Anirupana Nirmitha, Anirupana Nirmitha to Bhoga. Papa and Papaphala.

“Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshitha ha……”, as the human race reached a state where they were not in a position to think and not in a position to redo, and incapable to do any thing apart from redo and ended up in helplessness and their living itself became a state, if minutely observed the presented state, the conclusion is hopelessly bad and no chance of redoing or the correcting and it is beyond the state and stage of correction as the entire existence was affected and total imbalance is exhibited and under the circumstances there is no other way left, rather it is better to manifest afresh than trying to mend for The Master, to enact the process of destruction, destroying it in entirety as final annihilation if not The Master is Essential To Set right The Masterly Principle, again in its original and modified form, to do that another The First Stir is essential, thence the Prayer is born,

Oh! Master,

Thou Art the Real Goal Of Human Life,

We are yet but slaves of wishes putting bar to our Advancement,

Thou Art the Only God and Power to bring me up to That stage.

To do that Prayer to set right The Masterly Principle, Only One The Master is Eligible, And That One is The Ultimate in Human Form The Mahatma Shri Ramchandraji Maharaj, Shahjahanpur, U.P. India.

---End of Article---

Mahatma Shri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur U.P.India.

By the grace of Param Pujya Shri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur,U.P., India, this insignificant being able to put up with troubles and turmoils of this existence. The inbuilt mechanism which was designed and crafted by The Lord has the capacity to withstand the miserable existence and by His Grace that miserable existence transformed into a state of living in true sense.

When viewed from any angle and corner of this life perspective and this existence couldn’t imagine the transformation as it was never ever near to these noble principles of life, leave alone to the state of transformation, what to talk of purity, nobility and divinity when there was no living only for this life and existence.

This is purely of my personal experience of life and existence that till He Graciously gave the glimpse of quality of my life and existence and supported me to withstand that experience of my miserable existence, then only it became possible to have the glimpses of quality of my life and its existence.

Dumbfounded is me already and became Dumb and Deaf too and the blindness too followed the path leaving this me to speak, to hear and to see the world around me and my existence, and the state of existence of the both, as these noble tools I used all along of my life only to satisfy my senses but not to experience the Divinity. I failed to put to use the vocal chords for the remembrance of the Lord, I failed to hear the voice of real, I failed to see the Master, so I am . Now What I can say? To whom I can Say? Left me in the lurch, this state of me after experiencing the glimpse of my existence.

Life is to live and life is for lively and life is liveliness, life is love when a man has the life and starts living all these states may be possible to experience.

What about a person who doesn’t have any life at all?

Then it is my duty to restore the life first, who can do that for me, only the one who has command over the Life of the Life Force, who can do the Prana Prathista, and who can give that drop of Nectar of Life, who can issue forth that ray which can give life to the Nectar as well as bring forth that awareness in the living dead system, who has such method at his command and means and can make it available to me for my sake.

Param Pujya Shri.Babuji Maharaj is the One who could do all and beyond for me, and he gave me the method Sahaj Marg, with the Prana Eternal called Transmission, Pranasya Pranaha, and removed my oppression and made it possible to realize within a short time and easy to follow and practice method with a simple prayer called statement of facts of me, and He Himself available Eternally for me and for mankind.

--End of Article---

Views About Master, Method, Meditation Part 2


4. Sri Babuji Maharaj - The personality

5. The Guide

6. When enquired with The Holy Self

Shri Babuji Maharaj - The Personality.

Prana in its original Form, Prana of Universal, Prana of Universality, and Prana for Mankind, Prana for Animate Existence of other Forms and Prana for Inanimate Existence is only once to manifest as inanimate existence .Different types of Pranas

Prajna in its Original Form, Prajna of Prana, Prajna of Universal, Prajna of Universality, Prajna of Mankind, Prajna of Animate Existence of Other Forms. Prajna of Inanimate Existence is the result of the Godly principle of Maintenance and the space and time which maintains, guards and allows it to continue in its shape and size and shade and colour etc., Different Types of Prajna.

Chaithanyatha in its original Form, Chaitanyatha of Chaithanyatha, Chaithanyatha of Universal, Chaithanyatha of Universality, Chaithanyatha of Mankind, Chaithanyatha of Animate Existence of other Forms, Chaitahanyatha of Inanimate Existence is Jadathva. Different Types of Chaithanyatha.

Vitality-Ojus in its Original Form, Vitality for Vitality, Vitality of Universal, Vitality of Universality, Vitality for Mankind, Vitality of Animate Existence of other Forms, Vitality of Inanimate Existence is it produces some sort of physical energy. Different Types of Vitalities.

Atma identified itself only when Atma born or Seperated from the Oneness of That One, The Paramatma, Only Existence and further that knowledge been given to Atma with that Awareness of Atma, which is the only Sheath which is separating it from Paramathama, thereby establishing the Individual Identity and the Individuality is born, which came into existence. The Original and Pure State of Existence just separated from the Paramathama couldn’t remain for long , and The Sheath of Awareness Emerged in that Pure and Original Existence and then it is called The Atma, The Atma with that Sheath of Awareness also couldn’t remain for long in that state or remained only till that state prevailed to be remained. At that juncture of emerging of this Individual Atma, The Process of Multiplication was resulted and enacted and this Process was Activated By The Jerk of The One, Only Existence, The Paramatma, and in The One, when That Only Existence was about to get Solidified from the State of Deep Absorption of Oneness with One, when That Deep Absorption State of Oneness with One Matured and Developed to such an extent and level and state of solidification was set into motion leading to the solidity, that awareness of losing its Existence and State came to be experienced, then that state gave an impulse to be Alive, that impulse produced that Jerk, That Jerk Experienced by The Bursting Way and Process, of Condensed and Solidified Form of Light, at the Core, Due to That Bursting Process, The Unfoldment of Paramathma’s Existence Took Place, as a first stage and level and named as Ananth, The Limitless, The Limitless Expanse, which has an Activity of Contraction and Expansion, but in a State of Deep Absorption or Layavastha, in ‘The Form’, ‘The Form’ Heirarchy is Established and is Called ‘Purusha’, and the Manifestation is called ‘Prakruthi’. State of Shushupthi and Phase of Karma & Kriya Enacted, Though the State of Shushupthi has the Activity in Latent Form or Natural Way. When That Unfoldment got Completed to its full level and of Completed State, as a primary state, paving a way in that Limitless for The Bursting Way and Process The Rest of Creation Took Place. In That Limitless When Some Existence is Existed or Evolved or Emerged, by the resultant effects of Bursting Way and Process, for that Existence sake That Limitless Emerged a State Called Space to manage and to maintain that emerged existence and that space has the character of measure, and that measure gave birth for That Time of That Space, That Emerged Type of Spaces and That Emerged Type of Times manifested and allowed to remain, innumerable Universes within them, which came into Existence due to the process of Bursting and Emerged the Physical Universes and Nature to evolve to suit the small speck of The One, The Complete, form, which is the member of Result of Multiplication Process of The One, is born or separated and named as Atman and Atman started to acquire further layers of different density and intensity of purity, absorbed with Atman and they were named as Shuddha Ahankar of different states and stages, having transparency, opacity as coverings around and in Atman. This Small Speck of The Complete, being the part of The Complete has come into existence in a tiny form and able to conduct and function as The Paramathma in a limited sense and view. The Paramathma became the Cause of this Creation and who has all the Capacities Present or emerge when needed. So as this Tiny Speck called Atman has the powers presented in it to manifest the creation of, within its capacities. Atman has its root with The Paramathman as it was emerged out of Him and from that Atma can draw that Impulse, apart from Atman’s own powers and capacities which came to Atman’s share while emerging out from Paramathma and Paramathma has a direct channel manifested in Atman which takes care of His Purpose, that is, on going process of creation, for that this dedicated channel was manifested by Paramathma in the Tiny Speck Atma though this awareness is there with That Atman but still having the capacity to manifest Atman’s own Creation, Sustenance and Destruction.

Atman, Sheaths of Shuddha Ahankar, Prana, Prajna, Chaithanayatha, Ojus, Manas, are the essentials to name a Physical Existence as Human. Atman from which That Source of Sustenance being fed for the rest of Existences around Atman down to the physical body, That Godly Sustenance is named differently for different purposes and functions with slight difference at every state and stage and level. Atman in the human form has two sources from the Paramathman, one is of Atman’s Roots, and another is Paramathman direct source, of Godly Sustenance in its existence. One is for the purpose of this race on going or continuity and another of its own abilities expressed in the form of its own creation.

Paramathma has the Universality as He is the Cause of innumerable Universes’ manifestation.

---End of Article---

The Guide

Guide is the Goal, Guide is the Path, Guide is the Guide on the Path, Guide is the Means.

The Stir which brought down this Creation into existence became the nucleus for manifestation of Human form as it is existing now. The same Stir in another form appeared as Mind in Human, in Human mind it descended to the level of Thought State, wherefrom thought originates. This is that portion of that Individual Self and wanted to identify itself as independent self. Now the Individual Self Exhibited in Pure Form in Human.

A state emerged in that Form that of Separation, that resulted into yearning, and it became its nature and living constantly and continuously in that state of yearning not knowing for what, generated a good amount of heat and further the same heat fomented its state. The existence started to experience imbalance and inconvenience and it realized that as Misery. Life is Misery as it is experiencing the separation.

The Stir in its state not visible but experiencible and The Human Mind imbibed it and expressed itself as fickle(momentum) but the human mind retained the Original Essence of First Stir which is the Primal Cause of Creation. This Human Mind having momentum, a character of independent identity and the capacity to set into motion the process of creation and creation, which it brought down along with it from the First Stir, created innumerable layers charging each layer with all the capacities it has and became a silk worm in its cocoon. The Misery became manifold and intolerable giving a powerful stir again to the mind for the fulfillment of Union. Misery gave birth to restlessness and it paved path to Unrest and no peace. This agonizing search for Union ended up in Sensual Pleasures with the help of thought and mind and senses, which are Surgeon’s Instruments to be stored in a perfect Sterile Condition of Pure Divine. Using the Surgeon’s instruments for Carnal Pleasures and Senses, Pleasure Gratification concluded the downfall fully and perfectly. Now there is no chance what so ever for human to rise as he laid himself and rested properly and He is at ease at The End of Human Existence. He is perfectly lost in wilderness.

Depending upon the Degree of intensity of layers of all levels of human existence, the human mind and being reflect that amount of Light in life, which governs and sets into motion its course of life and direction of Up or Down tendencies while living in this mundane world, in the form of behavior, likes, dislikes and personality straits.

This Light with its degree of intensity appeared in human form in this world as saints, learned ones, scientists, great leaders, Mahatmas, great teachers, bhagavans, Yogis, prophets, son of god, etc., to guide and shape the mankind’s course.

Now it became clear why Human has a purpose to live, and to understand the purpose it became imperative for him as well to search for and to have a path and to have a method of practice, and to practice, apart from the obstacles which were part of him and the ones which he developed and added in the continuity of his existence further burdened him and he realized that its impossibility and enormity of the situation to think of realization or Union with Pure Divine, making him helpless beyond comprehension clearly indicating the necessity of Goal, Guide, Path and Method, Practice and Prayer for human evolution and reach.

OH! Master Thou art the real Goal of human life,

We are yet but slaves of wishes putting bar to our advancement,

Thou art the only God and power to bring me up to that stage.

The above prayer with few lines explains the essence of all the above expressions.

---End of Article---

When enquired with The Holy Self

When enquired with The Holy Self, Thou art What? Thou Art Where? Thou Art How ? Thou Art Why? And What am I ?

Thy Self is no other than Me, The Holy Self Presented this Imperience in this I.

If this I is Thou Holy Self, then this I expressed Thou Holy Self This Way.

Thou Art The Knowledge, Thou Art the Devotion, Thou Art the Renunciation, Thou Art

The Surrender, Thou Art the Mercy, Thou Art the Merciful, Thou Art the

Benevolence, Thou Art the Benevolent, Thou Art Creator, Thou

Art the Sustainer, Thou Art the Destroyer, Thou Art the Ahankar, Thou Art the Prajna,

Thou Art the Prana, Thou Art the Chaintanyatha, Thou Art the Ojus. Thou Art The Holy,

Thou Art the Holy Self.

The Imperience in this Existence presented is I am Not, Thou Art The Source of All, I am

Not, the imperience presented. Then How did they all present?

Reply in the form of Imperience, that Something Emerged as there was a need manifested

For their existence, then that Something Emerged, that emerged produced a need to exist

and continue to exist, then the further need emerged to give identity, that produced a

further need in innumerable forms and shapes, these needs emerged all over fixing

themselves with their identity, thereby identification, identifying and continuity need

also emerged, maintaining need also emerged, destruction need also emerged, continuity

need of maintaining, continuity need of destruction also emerged, so the

multiplication, “Seperation Occuured” Just Happened, Rest is Need Based and Emerged

to Satiate the Need.

Further query then What Are You?

---End of Article---


Views About Master, Method, Meditation Part - 3


7. Nadi Moolam – Bhai Shaib

Bhai Shaib - Pujya Shri Raghavendra Rao

“Nadi Moolam; Rishi Moolam; Sthree Moolam; Nischitam; Satyam.

Vishleshnam Nishiddam”

Sacred Precincts of Sacred Land of Ancient Wisdom.

Present day Wisdom and Information Starved and Dependent Being, The Thinker, The Logic Dependent, The Rational and The Scientific Tempered Being, The Present day Man sought and seeks information continuously, we can say perennially in order to know, know to examine and analyse the every issue and matter whether it is of his domain or not and he keeps abreast of the developments of the world and perhaps it may help him to take proper decision to initiate action for the accomplishment of task.

Infectious and Contagious this Tendency to Think, Examine, To Know and To Analyse any information or issue, so the thinker attempts always to think before he takes the decision to initiate action, it is also same with me too, though not I belong to the category of Learned and Intellectuals, still I also attempt to think and analyse, because I am in the present times.

When I got the literature of Shri.Babuji Maharaj first time I did read, thought, analysed and tested privately the method with whatever the capacities I was bestowed at that age of mine as a student in the 1st Year Degree Course and thereafter only, I was convinced and felt that I can give a trial for 6 months for this Method of Practice under the tutelage of The Master hence I approached Shri.M.D.jahagirdar and Shri Raghavendra Rao to start the practice formally as stipulated. My First Initiation with Divine is By Shri.M.D.Jahagirdhar and Shri.Raghavendra Rao who are The Preceptors of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur, U.P. India, Who are Appointed by Shri Babuji Maharaj as Preceptors With Full Permission to Impart Training and Transmit The Divine Impulse The Transmission; Pranahuthi to the Seekers.

Somehow I was attracted to Bhai Sahib, Shri.Raghavendra Rao and who’s Second nature is Humour and due to his simplicity and easy to approach personality. As the days passed on the intimacy with Bhai Sahib grew, the young mind , the me, starving for Intellectual expositions, Scientific Temperaments, Logical Thinking, Rational Approach, Critical and Analytical Mind Set, when found the same lines with Bhai Sahib further I was attracted towards Him and that attraction entirely enveloped me when I found His Humourous and Simple But Unparallel Communication ways and Skills which comprises of Two Way Communications of Bhai Sahib, thereby making the seeker the same me Intelligent and resulting into developing the proper perspective of the issue as well allowing needed amount of mental space of the seeker and at the same time allowing the seeker with the freedom which is in total and complete freedom of thought and keeping the thinking process in the state of the same undisturbed, uninterrupted, but still used to shape the Mind of the Seeker. The Special Ingredients, The Love and Care and Humour are part of this Special Mix of Ways of Communications and the special attention always been given for the individual dignity and decorum in the Presence of Bhai Sahib, other wise the so young mind, a boy, the me, how I could have got such a respect and treatment that too I am nobody and I am only presumed to be the seeker and that too I am a student at that time, see the encouragement, he sows the seed of interest, he nurtures it, he waters it and he further protects it and make it grow and give the yield to the same one in whom the tree of personality with fruit bearing capacity manifested. I could only place those thoughts now, Reminiscence, because He bestowed on me that type of training benevolently.

I have to make a special mention about His way of reducing the burden of any type on any body and if any body approaches Him for the solution or relief, The way Bhai Sahib used to release that any amount of oppression, due to the seriousness of the issue, of any visitor when over burdened, through the Humorous way, is worth witnessing, makes the person fit to smile and laugh thereby lighten the burden and eases the pressure on the visitor and gives the visitor the hope and fills the courage in his heart and lifts the spirits of the visitor in a natural way and removes the oppression and lit the light of knowledge in the gloomy heart of the visitor and the visitor no more remains as a visitor by the time of leaving the house of Bhai Sahib and leaves that house as if he is taking the leave from his beloved father and from his own home which he left time immemorial ago and found now, with the burden of leaving the home he goes. How such wonderful results get manifested, when asked Him, He smilingly lifts His Hands Upwards and leaves at that juncture.

Humour when heard and felt in Human gets Expressed by ways of Smiles and Laughter, The Smiles and Laughter is the way of rejuvenation which is a accepted thought of the present day, of science of medicine, of science of stress management, and The Only Tool Which Can Burst and Set right The Process of Nuclear Explosion in the human cells, in the Bio-Logical Science Terminology it is named as The Process of Cell Burst Out resulting The Death and no chance of bringing back the life, form and composition of Cell and thereby Avoiding The Atomic Explosion or Cell Burst Out in Human Cells or Particles of the Human Body and resulting in Protection of The Vital Organs resisting the Failure of The Human Body, which process was set into motion Due to Oppression of Different Forms and Various Types of Stress, Experiencing while Living in the Human Life, of Internal Thought Pressure or External Thoughts or Events or Prevailing Circumstances, if properly, carefully and tactfully handled That State Of Human with That Medium of Smile and Laughter can save innumerable human lives and can avoid unwanted medication and can retain and rejuvenate the life force for the life of human, the Physiological explanation for the Smiles and Laughs.

Whereas from the point of view of Spirituality The Laughter and Smiles when Induced and expressed in the presence of Rao Sahib for the assemble or gatherings of abhyasis of the memory of Shri Babuji Maharaj and for Shri Babuji Maharaj’s Rememberance, That Medium Which is The Form of Grace Only which manifested for achieving That Objective of Connecting With The Pure Divine and Nourishing The Mane, Mind and Heart of Tired and Exhausted Beings who are Living through under The Scorching Heat of Materialism and Arduous and Painful Journey of Scheming Waves and Tides of Ocean of Materialism and were caught in the Whirlpool of Desires, likes and dislikes of Bhavasagara-Samsara without Hope, Charging Them With The Pure Divine Rao Sahib Lovingly Caringly Sails Them Trough The Ocean of Mean Materialism, with That Medium which increases The Absorption and Re Orient The Abhyasis for the Life Ahead.

I am fortunate to see such number of occasions.

A Faint Curiosity Sprang up in my heart to know about Bhai Sahib and His Personal Practice, His Approach to Master, Method, His Struggle and His way of interpretations about the whole Issue of Practice and His Personal Life, and His Family, and His Habits and Back ground.

Shri.Raghavendra Rao was born on 19th March in the year 1925 and hails from the Jahagirdhar and Zamindari Family of Erstwhile Nizam State, from the village of Patha Palli, A Village of A North West District namely Mahaboobnagar, of Present Andhra Pradesh State of India, from the Deeply Religious, Orthodox Madhva Brahmin Family of Four Brothers and Four Sisters, and He being the Youngest of all the Children of His Noble Parents. He has been initiated and trained as per the customs and practices of His family in the matters of Religion, Morals, Manners and etiquettes and taught and trained in the matters of God and God Realization according and as per to the Faith and Religion, a way of life, Practiced By The Family and Elders and of The Family Lineage, A Family Approach to The Matters has been inculcated in the Young Mind of Rao Sahib. The Primary Education in True Sense has been imparted and prepared him to receive the general primary education.

The General Primary Education, and Middle and High school Education imparted to him in Narayanpet and pre collegiate education undertaken in Gulbarga and He graduated in the faculty of science namely B.Sc., and thereafter He took an entrance examination for the B.E. Graduation course and scored 100 Marks out of 100 Marks, in the entrance examination and the graduation is at Hyderabad in the faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Osmania University, Urdu as the medium of Instruction and Learning till the Graduation. He is a bright student while studying and learning. He is a double graduate, a graduation in the faculty of Science B.Sc., and another is B.E. in the faculty of Mechanical Engineering. He is a member in MISE.

At an Young Age of 17years He got married to his Niece, His Elder Sister’s daughter namely Smt.Draupadhi Bai Amma who is aged 13years, at that time of marriage and their married life is like two friends and they always shared their opinion openly without any inhibition of the modern times and Lived Happily and they were blessed with Four Daughters and Three Sons and all are married, settled and hale and healthy, except one daughter who remained single and staying with parents then and now with Brothers at Raichur. They were blessed with great grand children during their life time itself.

Being Trained in Orthodox Ways of Worship of Madhva Philosophy as Woman Member and Well Trained in The Rituals of That Order of Worship With The Suitable Hymns and Sacred Chants and Imparted and Got Well acquainted With That Time Culinary Delicacies Preparations, A Great Art Form, The Said Preparations Used To Be The True Offerings and Invitation In True Sense To The God of Appetite Namely “ Vaiswanara” A Hindu God For Appetite , and Her Taste Buds Simply Superb and Tell in one go the needed ingredient addition or substraction or copeup ingredient extent to match in The Dish Prepared or getting Prepared and Observant Eye for the Shade or Colour of dish is of Parexcellant, further been Trained in the fine arts of Knitting, Weaving, and Tailoring and Her Eye of Measure is The Measure of Exact and Precise for The Materials and Cloth Need for any specific requirement which She Used to Say with exact measure of requirement, and She used to be fond of Floor Designs and collected innumerable patterns for that along with the tools and instruments and She was a great lover of Plants, Creepers, Shrubs and Flowers, Fruit Bearing Trees, Curry Leaves Trees and She has That Hand Of Mother for them too that is the reason the plants used to grow astonishingly well and sprang surprises with the amount of yield in and form of flowers in abundance and fruits in full of bunches of the trees. Cleanliness has become Her Second Nature as Godliness is Her First Nature. Any One and Every One is Same, She is Bold and Courageous and Upright, Fair and Honest and She is The Form of Truthfullness and never budge an inch while to say a thing as back on the face with loving and care. She is a Perfectionist.

When Amma was Permitted By Shri Babuji Mahraj To Impart Divine Impulse, She used to Impart Training In Particular to Woman Abhyasis and used to conduct regular meditation session if Rao Sahib is not there or any other preceptor is not present at that time, Her Method of Training was That She Asks the aspirant to take the supposition as Shri Babuji Maharaj only Meditating on Himself within Herself, when informed by Rao Sahib to Shri Babuji Mahraj about This Method of Practice Prescribing By Amma, The Answer from Shri Babuji Maharaj is “A Galnce With Exclamation and With Slight Turning of His Right Hand Upwards with A Curve” a A Small utterance “Tho” A Hindi Word, Suddenly It Seems Rao Sahib Went Silent and Remained Silent, by Observing the Significance of That Expression of Shri Babuji Maharaj, and Further Shri Babuji Maharaj Said,” HUM BAHU RANI KU SIKHAYENGE, JAROORAT PADETHO.”

Beings of Inseparable Life, With Unison of Unparallel Degree rather Form Of Unison rather Unison Only, While Living, They Lit The Life with The Light of The Divine, That Being Their Living for which They Were Ordained, A Sacred and a Noble Act, and Permitted By Shri Babuji Maharaj with Full Permission as Preceptors of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, In Innumerable Hearts and Minds and Engulfing and Embracing Their Homes, Families and Lineage of Their Families With That Life Divine, when visited and stayed, Both Rao Sahib and Amma Smt. Draupadhi Bai, A True Mother, Gave meaning and Expression for Motherhood by Her Living, Recipients, We, The living proofs of Her Motherly Love and Affection with Touch of Generosity and She being The Embodiment of Patience and Perseverance and Rev. Amma is The Source of Solace, Strength and Hope and Moral Booster for the Woman in general and in particular to Sister Abhyasis and Children.

Amma and Rao Sahib, Appa, Blessed innumerable Homes and their places all over India and left those Homes as The Temples of Spirituality because That Light of The Master is Everlasting and Remains as a Permanent Companion at their place and in their hearts and minds Forever, Blessed are those Who had Such an Opportunity of Those Blessed Beings Visiting Their Homes and Those men and women who Welcomed Them With open hearts and minds , remains forever in the annals of mankind, such an invaluable heritage in the form of memories, hearts and minds, places and the things, they left lovingly for their children and for the posterity and visible to those eyes who were gifted with such a vision, May Master Blesses one and all with that vision. Amen. A Loving Father and A Great Mother, I had lost.

He has opted the profession of Teaching, being a Natural Teacher, appointed as Lecturer in The Industrial and Polytechnic College at Bidar. He opted the Service in the State Service of Erstwhile Mysore State, now The State of Karnataka, after the Reorganization of States in the year 1956 based upon the criteria of Language Spoken and Practiced, and retired as Deputy Director of Technical Education in the State of Karnataka of his age of 55 years in the year of 1981.

He Blessed number of places(towns) in Karnataka state by staying there for quite sometimes during His life when He was to discharge His professional obligations and the Places are Bhadravathi in Shimoga District, Harihara Presently in the Davanagere District, Rodlabanda of Raichur District, Bidar of Bidar District, Gulbarga of Gulbarga District, Bijapur of Bijapur District, Bellary of Bellary District, Hassan of Hassan District, Chintamani of Kolar District, Raichur of Raichur District, and came to Bangalore with promotion as Deputy Director of Technical Education.

He is a voracious reader and able to speak, read and write in English, Urdu, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and able to speak and read in Marathi. Though not studied in the Text Form of Sanskrit but He used to read and Speak and understand the Sanskrit.

He is a man of Taste and liking, He is widely Traveled within India and The World, twice He made travel around the Globe and Whenever He undertakes The Travel whether in India or Abroad, He used to prefer to stay with the Brother Abhyasis and He will adjust to anything without any placing request with the Host or Others. Geography and History, Mythology used to attract His attention more, a sort of wonder and used to find thought provoking curiosity in those subjects and He used to mention that any body observe the events of the past times by visiting those historical monuments and observe its glory of that times, the visitor is bound to get the State of Vairagya as the visitor will be reminded about his own capacities and abilities and weakness and futility of thinking perenniality of his possession and his being continuity and the realization comes to the visitor about his existence of limited time, when compare to those Thousands of years of civilization in the form of Relics and Dilapidated Conditions, and those men of that great times graves speaks much more louder than what the visitor can hear about their efforts and attempts during their life time.

All modes of Transport He used during His Travel within India and Abroad and He used to relish more with the road travel and myself and Justice.D.R.Vithal Rao had the great opportunity to travel with Him by road throughout Karnataka State, Andhra Pradesh State, Tamil Nadu State, Kerala State, Goa State, and Mahrashtra State and Orissa State, Uttara Pradesh, and with Justice Vithal Rao He has also Travelled covering Gujarat, Bihar, Bengal, and Assam States. His Observation of Topography was stunning and He had Photogenic Memory of the Topography of the Land and Road and His land marks used to be hillocks, and Mountains, vast mangrove, boulevards, orchids, Forest Trails, rivers and canals along the road travel and He used to remind me as and when I attempt to take a wrong rout instantly and the travel sense is superb and He used to allow one stretch 2 or 3 Hours and halt for a while, halt for tea, but at the sun set the halt at a proper place if there are no abhyasis and He used to be very particular of the comfort of the co-travellers and for the comfort stay of the co-travellers and also of the Driver of the vehicle and He personally enquiry about the driver requirement of tea, coffee, or rest and food and the food of the choice of the co-travellers and the driver but for Himself a handful morsel or a glass of buttermilk.

Rao Sahib used to make a point to Be Present For Sun Rise and Sun Set if He is near The East Sea, or West Sea or Dams or Reservoirs, in a causal exchange of views before Sun Rise at Some Sea Shore, He told That The First Ray Of Rising Sun If Touched To The Heart When Observed With The Mind Eye, Along With That The First Ray The Pure Divinity Also Get Merges With That Ray And Lit The Heart And Engulf The Entire Heart And Being, and That First is Also Beneficial For The Physical Health-Rejuvenation Takes Place. For The Sun Set Observation at Hospet Dam He Told me That Last Ray Of The Sun When Touched The Body It Cleanse The Body and Refresh The Body as well Mind. It is Greatly Beneficial and Health Restoring Events The Sun Rise and The Sun Set.

Rao Sahib, undertook the travel to Switzerland, France and Monaco along with Justice Vithal Rao and myself accompanied them and we traveled by road, rail and aircraft within these countries for about 2 or 3 months or so and all along we stayed with the abhyasis of those countries and at those places. Extensively we traveled within France and Switzerland, all those arrangements at all the places used to be so informal and natural and the Meditation sessions used to be for the convenience of those abhyasis and any clarification about practice used to be just and casual and natural and the beauty is who ever comes with any type of query whether they are commoner, technocrat, Intellectual, clergymen, beaurocrat, Royal, or Connoisseurs, businessmen, women, or children, or aged for every one there was place in His Heart and all used to get thoroughly satisfied and openly used to declare that they want to meet Him again and again, because He is The Shoulder to them to hold and rest and cry upon who has that Love of Shri Babuji Maharaj and Concern for their well fare and well being, as Beloved Father.

He thoroughly believed and practiced in weightless travel and very light travel with 3 or 4 sets of pants and shirts and two Dhotis and His clothes never used to have sweat smell, but that travel briefcase of 20 or 25 years age used to comprise of a compact shaving kit nail cutter ,needle with twain, shirt and pant spare buttons, small knife, paper cutter, scribble papers, a candle and a match stick, cotton, ear buds, pen and pencil, a torch, a small alarm piece and emergency medications with small dettol bottle, bandage cloth, and the documents of identity and He never used to handle the money and always He used to Handover the Money to me, and He used to keep all those items in a particular way at a particular place and any item is just available at the time of need.

He had an Eagle Eye of Observation and Observation and Examination of the things and place and people used to be of the minute details and nothing and nobody can escape from His View. His Alertness Used to be That of The Soldier in the Actual Battle field Alertness and His Carefulness used to be as if the whole world and His Master who is observing Him and His actions always and never ever He can be away from His Master’s Observation but at the same time He can Say always a Spade as a Spade when sought His opinion and to who so ever He may be but that say used to be with humility.

As I hail from orthodox Hindu Religious family and I used to attend the discourses of Ramayan, Mahabharath along with my grand mother when I was a child and the pictorial description and depiction of Personalities, Events and Places of those times and of those Mythologies had left a deep impact on my childhood memory and I used to wonder where are Those Races, Those Races and Creeds which found mention in those mythological texts Viz., Kinnara, Kimpurusha, Yaksha, Gandhrava, Naga, Vanara, Manushya, Nara, Danava, Devatha, Nishada, Naramamsabhakshaka and what happened to those Mighty Personalities in the spiritual evolution sense is my query, of those Mythological Texts and the classification of those Races and creeds, that, which were present at that time and what happened to them thereafter of those mentioned times and how are they now in the present time and where are they now?

Those Mighty Men, and Those Races and Those Places are all on this Globe Only and those races are present now also and are living on almost at the same places where they were there but due to changed times and change of the topography some are at distant lands and some are in nearby lands and now they are named differently, those explanation is in general pertaining to those races, is the answer from Him.

Those Mighty Men of Those times apart from Yugapurushas and rest of them beelined when those mighty men got the scent of His Coming that is The Ultimate In Human Form Ram Chandra visiting this Planet for the first time and only time in the total times of existence, requested The Ultimate to Provide them an opportunity to be with Him during His Physical Living on this planet and the request was granted and all those Mighty Men of All Those Races and Creeds took birth as Humans and received The Grace in Person or In Absentia From The Master, such are the times now, these times of the times of Shri.Babuji Maharaj and we are all so fortunate to have seen Him and Moved with Him and Talked and Shared of His Personal Time. It is a Great Privilege bestowed on us, as so Rao Sahib told me.

He is a Original Thinker, Scientist, Rational, Analytical in Application, Sound Mind with The Perfect Logic, Superstition Free Man, Bold and Courageous, Frank and Fair, Honest and Sincere and Truthful and Most Loveable Man and Very Tender and Super Sensitive and can not bear to see the pain and misery of any body and attempts to do anything all out and out with only aim to release the pain and misery of the miserable who ever he may be, because He is a very kind hearted one and expansive and large hearted one. Sacrifice is His way of Life.

He is ardent lover of Music, Music in the form of Vocal, Music in the form of instrument, Shahiris, Gazzals, Bhajans, Jugal bandis. The Indian Classical Music of Hindustani and Karnatic Music of Vocal as well as Instrumental. He had special liking for Sitaar and Flute. He was also interested in western classical music both vocal and instruments. Apart from the Classical Music, He was interested in light music also say Folklore songs, Devotional Songs, Hari Kathas, Burra Kathas and classical old Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and Marathi, cinema songs. The Pile of Collection of Gramophone Records of that time along with that time Gramophone Machine, Audio Cassettes, Audio C.D.’s., of different languages and different instruments are still available at his residence at Raichur, apart from the books about those subjects.

Sometime ago when I enquired about the music and other devotional songs role in the pursuit of god realization on the path of spirituality, He said they can become External Aids and Tools at the Advanced Level only and also they can be of some help after some serious mental practices and intense Meditation sessions, that too when sung in the presence of The Master with the permission of The Master with Devotion when they surge from the Depths of Heart, then they may be of great help. For a change and to have some relaxation, ease and rest the music may help.

When further specifically enquired about Singer-Poet-Saints of India about their approach towards god and realization when compared as per the standards and reach and height set by The Master, the effect of their practice in this form and way of approach towards that and the result derived by them viz.. Saintess Meerabai, Bhakta Sooradas, Bhakta TulasiDas, Bhakta Jayadeva, Bhakta Thukaram, Bhakta Purandara Dasa, Bhaktha RamaDasa, Annamayya, and Thyagaraja, He expressed in a guarded way but still clearly saying that they are all practiced Devotion and With That Means attempted to establish their link with those deities which are dear to their hearts and their practice resulted in as Devotees of God and further it helped number of their devotees also to have the reach up to the state of devotee but the void is there for the Final Attainment and The Destination is still far away and which can be filled only with the grace of The Master.

When Sung in His Presence the Aftab-e-Marefat, the effects upon the huge gatherings during the Basanth Panchami and Shri Babuji Maharaj’s Birthday Celebrations at the conclusion of spiritual congregations is a self explanatory event and the effects of participation of that Session is visible upon all the member participants, time and again whenever it was sung, all along of the times from Shri Babuji Maharaj to till now.

Aftab-e-Marefat is a Song Composed in Urdu by One of The Devotees of Shri Lalaji Maharaj who later became the Devotee of Shri Babuji Maharaj and Sung In Loving Memory of Shri Lalaji Maharaj.

Once Rao Sahib told me, when I asked Him how He came to the feet of The Master and what it was your state before coming to The Feet of The Master, How He Came to know The Method Sahaj Marg, He told me that He read a review in The Hindu News Paper in the new book sections for the philosophy subject about The Book of Reality At Dawn, written by Ram Chandra and review by Shri.K.C.Varadachari and was impressed about the review and placed an order for the copy with Shri Babuji Maharaj before actually meeting Shri Babuji Maharaj, and got the book Reality At Dawn, thereafter He read the book and started and continued the correspondence with Shri Babuji Maharaj.

Shri Babuji Maharaj explained the Method of Practice of Sahaj Marg to Raghavendra Rao Sahib in one of His letters and requested Raghavendra Rao Sahib to start Practice as stipulated for the Abhyasis of Sahaj Marg, and it is to begin with prayer the Meditation before sunrise, Cleaning in the evening after the completion of day’s toil, and before going to bed, bed time prayer actually experiencing the state of prayer and to sleep in that state of prayer and Constant Remembrance of the Divine or Master, during wakeful state of life.

When I came to know about the Method of Practice of Rao Sahib’s which is also the same practice which is prescribed to me too, then How that such wonderful results were presented in the Human Self and That Human Self Transformed as The Personality and who has the name of Raghavendra Rao and why such an extent of Manifestation of Master’s Grace is visible in Him in totality when compare(“ when compare to others” - This query I placed for my self in order to understand the exclusive practices if any were applied for the evolution of The Individual Self, by Raghavendra Rao) to others, who are also spent same amount of time and association and put up their share of practice and struggle and were so near to Shri Babuji Maharaj and why Abhyasis also get attracted to Raghavendra Rao Sahib like that?

It appears that Rao Sahib’s Practice can be classified in this Way; -Physical Practice, Mental Practice and Third Way Samarpan and Atmasamarpan.

Physical Practice: Writing Letters To Shri Babuji Maharaj, and waiting for the Reply Letters From Shri Babuji Maharaj and Receiving Letters from Shri Babuji Maharaj and Reading The Letters of Shri Babuji Maharaj in Satsang and discussing the same with the abhyasis and also reading those letters to His friends and discussing with the friends, Reading Books, Contributing Articles for the practice and strengthening and enriching the Literature of Method, Penning the Books about the Practice and Method, Translating The Literature of Mission, Assisting The Translation of Mission Literature into Kannada, Telugu, and English, and replies to the Letters of Abhyasis and seekers on various subjects and aspects of life and practice, and He is keeping always the faculty of learning open all the time and under all the circumstances, but the constant factor in all these pursuits the spirit and life fully perceivable. The total Number of Letters received from Shri Babuji Maharaj is 192(One Hundred and Ninety two) starting from the year 1955 to the concluding year of 1981 / 1982, and Rao Sahib’s Letters to Shri Babuji Maharaj in total numbering approximately 3oo( three hundred), where as Rao Sahib’s correspondence is in gunny bag full of the copies and received letters from abhyasis and others.

Rao Sahib Every year Minimum of 10 days to 3weeks used to spend with Shri Babuji Maharaj at Shajahanpur and also traveled along with Shri Babuji Maharaj to different centres in Uttara Pradesh State of India, till 1980 / 81 and Shri Babuji Maharaj used to Visit and Stay With Rao Sahib a Minimum of 10 days and Maximum of 3 weeks at all the places of Rao Sahibs Stay which is because of Rao Sahib’s Professional Obligations, up to 1977-78, and all these days number of abhyasis used to visit Rao Sahibs house and used to stay in the House of Rao Sahib and Rao Sahib told me When The Master Visit any House, The Master is The Host and rest of us are guests.

Rao Sahib Used to go to the place to meet Shri Babuji Maharaj when Shri Babuji Mahraj Visits South India that too when Shri Umesh Chandra Saxena stayed at Madras due to his profession.

Rao Sahib used to attend the functions of Mission wherever they were conducted like, Basant Panchami, Centenary Celebrations, Birthday Celebrations of Shri Babuji Maharaj.

In South India He is pioneer in Building The Temple of Spirituality In Innumerable Hearts and Homes apart from Creating Centres for Training to Impart The Divine Impulses and To Spread Brahma Vidya among the general populace and further making innumerable places fit for conducting spiritual congregations and conducted spiritual congregations there and He Vehemently Stressed The Point “A Revered One Makes The Place Revered” and The place Becomes Revered because of Revered One Only and seldom the designated places as per the religious text as sacred are unable to provide suitable atmosphere for the serious pursuit of God realization. The Modern Temples of Spirituality in the form of Centres and Ashrams which are Manifested with His Efforts be came” Revered” and are living proof of that statement.

He used to conduct Innumerable Spiritual Congregations for number of years in number of places.

He used to Conduct regular Meditation Sessions at His Residence apart from the Raichur Ashram.

There used to be 4 to 6 abhyasis for spiritual training, throughout the year at His Residence from different centres from India apart from the weekend rush.

There used to be Abhyasis coming from different countries for the spiritual training who used to stay in groups of minimum of 4 and maximum of 17 and more once in a year or two for 5 days minimum and maximum of 10 days, to Raichur, during the Life Time of Rao Sahib and Amma. In one or two occasions some foreign abhyasis stayed in a stretch for about 2 or 3 months with Bhai Sahib, at Raichur.

It appears I have 24 hours for a Day and Certainly Rao Sahib also had 24 hours a day then How He had so much time to spare for others, Method, Master, Mission.

If I analyse His physical time Living, Sparing, Utilizing and Spending this way, the way Rao Sahib Lived, that 24 hours of a day doesn’t tally with the number of His 24 hours of a day then The Living Reverberatingly Resounds That Only His Master Lived, then I have to for get about His Mental and Spiritual and Psychic Energies Utilization apart from The Prana, as I am not in a position to take into consideration rest of the things.

Now A Faint Query Arises and Stands Before Me to Answer and it is demanding that I should Answer that Do I Have Such Amount of Physical Time With Me? Am I Ready to Aspire For Such A Way Of Life and Living? Lastly Is It Possible To Live Like That?

The Answer is so Gracious and Instant and The Answer is BIG, BIG, BIG, AND BIG NOoooooooooooooo, and forever NOoooooooooo, And Not Possible.

For the Sake of Analysis and for Intellectual Exercise and to Prove My Intelligence let me attempt to Examine His Mental Practices, Samarpan and Atma Samarpan.

Rao Sahib was Accorded Permission To Train and Utilize The Transmission and been Given Full Control and Command On The Process of Transmission at The Very First Meeting With Shri Babuji Maharaj, even then He Kept Up The Thrust of Practice where as it concerns as A Disciple, He used to Hit His Head Against The Wall with the pang of separation from The Beloved and Intensity of Longing is So Intense and Severe That He used to get Severe Headache and Used to weep uncontrollably the whole nights for the days and days and those who know Him earlier used to get strange thoughts about Him and His Behaviour, A Thoroughly Absorbed Being for The External Appearances. A Shooting Pain in the stomach in the mid of the night with that Intensity which can Lead to the state of Death and The State of Death Experienced by Rao Sahib, at that time The Remembrance of Shri Babuji Maharaj felt and the pain vanished and all of a sudden a New Life is Emerged and Living Started, He told me when I enquired.

By any amount of Indepth Examination and Analysis It becomes almost Impossible to Differentiate The Physical Practice, Mental Practice, Samarpan and Atma Samarpan from The Life and Living of Rao Sahib, because The Divine is The Life and Living is The Master And That Living Is The Life Divine and That is The Seamless Finish He Gave To The Living of Human Life.

What is the essence of The Correspondence of Shri Babuji Maharaj and queries of Rao Sahib? Unless I understand those times of Rao Sahib when He Started the correspondence it may become almost impossible to understand the lines of Training on which and with which Shri Babuji Maharaj had started The Process of Training. Let me get the glimpse of those Times of Rao Sahib under which He Opted Sahaja Marg, This Method of Practice of God Realization.

They were the Times of just Post Independence of India and Rao Sahib was student during the Independence and The Nizam State was yet to be Amalgamated In The Indian Republic and still couple of States in The Present Day India were yet to be unified and He was student in those movements of Independence of India and The Literacy Rate of India at that time was minuscule and Orthodoxness and Casteism and Untouchability was thoroughly practiced and place of worship entry was only for selected class, these forms of ways of Life had thorough grip on the psyche of India and The Feudals were in total control of Land Assets, Water Assets, and The orchids and Orchards which could provide employment means of livelihood to the Agriculture Labour and Farm Labour and rest of the Artisans were at the mercy of Those Feudals and there was no opportunity for employment and work, hence inhuman poverty, these are Physical State of Affairs of Those Times. What could have been the result if such state of affairs prevailing ?

The Result is Superstition, Subjugation, Exploitation in the name of God, Idle men in the uniform of Sannyasis, and their great “Arm”, The Curse, Threat and inducing Fear with couple of magic tricks in order to satisfy their bellies and lust Thorough Practice of Black Magic, Ungodly Practices, Utilization of the places of worship for the Carnal Pleasures, Some Section of Society was forced to adopt the means and methods of Satiating the Lust of Some Section of Society and The Last But not Least THE DEFORMED, CROOKED, INHUMAN STATE OF AFFAIRS TO TAKE ADVANTAGE SOME VESTED INTEREST PEOPLE GAVE COLOUR AND SHADE OF RELIGION AND ATTRIBUTED TO THE NOBLE INSTITUTION THAT EVILS WHICH WAS EMBEDDED TIME IMMEMORIAL AGO WITH CLASS DIVISION OF SOCITY IS IN PERFECT GRIP OF THE SOCIETY AND NATION, it is almost impossible to break and crack the grip, in the melee The God and The Human were Lost forever in That Wilderness. The Human is Slave who could be bought and sold and The Woman Hood is at great stress and The Threat of becoming the Symbol of Sex. The Total and Complete State of Oppression.

Mahatma Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj Unveiled The Method of Practice of SahajMarg, in the loving memory of His Master, His Holiness Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Fathehgad, lovingly called Lalaji Maharaj, in the year 1945, pre Independence times and easily can be imagined the state of affairs of those times, For The Mankind for The God Realization within This Life or Within the short span of time, without any bar for sex, creed, caste, religion and without any pre requisite qualification for the practice and The Needed Qualification to Practice is Willingness and Humanness.

The Objectives of Shri Ram Chandra Mission: To Remove The Oppression from The Oppressed; To Assist Those Sincere Seekers on the path of God Realization to Realize God within This Life or Within a Short Span of Time, To Spread The Brahma Vidya, Setting aside the Old School of Thought of Practice, Janam, Janam, Janamanthara, for the realization of God.

The Founder Took the Complete Responsibilities of the follower of the Method of his practice and Offered The Pranahuthi, The Transmission, Pranasyapranaha His Eternal Prana, and He Became The Soul Of The Practice-The Master Everlasting Presence in the Service of The Mankind.

Mahatma When Expressed That Ultimate Self In The Form Of “Reality At Dawn” which Explains The Godly Functionaries and Godly Regions and Necessary Pre requisites of Practice Like Faith, Surrender, Goal, Master, and Means and Ended that Expression with The Vision and the explanation about The Emblem of Shri Ram Chandra Mission.

Further When The Need of The Yogic Form of Expression of That Ultimate Self Emerged, Then Mahatma Ordained to Get Expressed In The Way of “ The Efficacy of Raj Yoga In The Light of Sahaj Marg”, Wherein The Mahatma Delicately with The Tenderness Dealt The Child of Method of Yoga Practice of God Realization and The Stages and States by Explaining as : “The Heart Region”, “The Mind Region”, And “The Central Region” This Central Region is The Mahatma’s Invention which was never felt or recognized by any great men in the annals of mankind from the beginning to the times to that of Mahatma.

The Urge of Further Knowing About The Ultimate Journey Emerged, Mahatma Kindly Explained The Journey In The Form of “Towards Infinity”, Where in Mahatma Classified and Numbered The Distance as 13 Points or Lamp Posts with Concentrated Energy and With The Final State, The Mahatma Concluded.

Mahatma When Viewed The Situation of Human Existence As of Certainty of Infinity On One Side and Finite On The Other side, leaving the void between Infinite and Finite to fill, in The Mele, to fill in the void The Subject Of Philosophy Born, Then Lovingly He Conceded That Request of Need of Finite Being Called Human By Allowing That Ultimate Self to Express in the form of Philosophy, which was named as “The Sahaj Marg Philosophy”, in which He loving explained The Philosophical Aspect of Sahaj Marg, from the stand point of Finite Being and for that being to conceive That Infinite.

Then Mahatma Found The Need of Ideal Living In The Form Of Human Living, Then The Sahaj Marg Abhyasi Life is to be Ordained as That Life and Living when practiced properly and that practice resulting in the Form of “Das Usloon Ke Sara” “Commentary On Ten Commandments” or “Ten Maxims of Sahaj Marg”, Which With A Great Hope and Concern For The Mankind made That Ultimate Self Reveal It Self In That Form Of Realization of That Ultimate Self for and In The Mundane World, and set it as goal For The convenience of Mankind and made it possible to realize by practicing Sahaj Marg.

All Those Great Treatises Are Revealed In The Form Of Literature of Sahaj Marg in The present language form.

Being an Abhyasi of Sahaj Marg Rao Sahib also has to pass through all the abovementioned states, stages, levels, functions, which were found mention in the abovementioned literature, during his tenure ship as student and He Did Pass Through all those mentioned states, stages, and levels and Assisimilate Them In His Living which is vibrantly visible in His Day to Day Living.

Being a Preceptor With Full Permission, with perfect command and control of Transmission, Rao Sahib been given to Master The Preceptor Manual wherein Shri Babuji Maharaj Declared The Lamp Posts with The Concentrated Energy for the utilization on the journey towards infinity, apart from the The Transmission or Prana of The Master, which were present in the human system or body, for the evolution, which Rao Sahib duly obliged and Mastered The Same and the results of His Giving Transmission is and was visible in all The Spiritual Congregations and Individual Mediation Sessions or In His Physical Presence or That Presence, when once I asked Him why there was a difference I experience and like me number of people experience the difference when You Conduct The Meditation Session, He Said, I Always See The Masters Presence In The Heart of Abhyasis and The Abhyasis when They Visit my Home They Come As Gods And Goddesses and while Going Away from My Home they Bless Me and My Children and My Family because They Are The Children of Shri Babuji Maharaj, Nay Many Forms Of Master, then I thought where is the question of services at all in the dictionary or life of Rao Sahib, it is only Worship Of His Master and Only His Master is Present always and everywhere and in every thing.

Single Handedly Shri Babuji Maharaj had to build The Edifice of Spirituality in the Hearts and Homes of the Men and Women Across Countries and in The World. Great Revolutionary of All Times in The Annals of Mankind, Shri Babuji Maharaj is, because never ever a Method of Practice with the total support and with a promise to take the responsibility of the seeker by the Founder of the Method had declared and available.

Do I have such an amount of time to spare? Do I have such an amount of Patience? Do I have such an amount of Zeal to Learn? Do I have such an amount of Dedication and conveniently I wish and aspire the same from Shri Babuji Maharaj which He Bestowed on Rao Sahib, for getting That State Which is The Gift of The Master with the necessary Toil and Struggle and Sacrifice put in on the parts by Rao Sahib and what not, words fail for a gentlemen even to say a word about Rao Sahib’s Deservingness.

And Now Let me comeback to the views of Rao Sahib about the Saharj Marg which He Himself thought for Himself that here there is One Person who is talking about the Practice, Prayer, Method and that too Suitable to Grihastha and to The Seeker and The Founder of the System Offers His Support on the path Unconditionally and without any expectation, with only intention and zeal to Help the sincere seekers on the path of God realization as fellow traveler, setting aside the old thought of school that the god realization is possible only when total renunciation of the family and pursuits renounced, if only to leave this family and pursuit in order to realize the God or The Self, then why God in First Place Created them and nurtured them and continued them and sustaining them, these rational thinking process of Rao Sahib couldn’t be satisfied by any quotes from any holy scriptures of any religion, because He is a Thinker with logic and rational mind used to find a definite role of those primary institutions in shaping and preparing the man at the primary level and nurture the man to grow in a right and proper way and those institutions are Viz Institution of Individual, Institution of Family, Institution of Marriage, Institution of Religion, Institution of Society, and Nation and the world Vausdhaiwa Kutumbakam.

He said that being a scientist it became very difficult for Rao Sahib to accept the worship of God in mechanical way and the mechanical form of worship and the worship without spirit and not able to find any solace in any form of worship, in any amount of reading, of any form of religions and religious texts and philosophies, treatises, explanations discourses and isms, ideologies and great men and great statesmen and politicians and leaders in which the missing link is the total absence of spirit and life and no sound proof method of practice and guidance and support from the founder of the method and practice and lack of in depth understanding of the prescribed method among the followers of the method and to the founder and authenticity of its practical application to the present day man and the inbuilt dynamism in the said method of practice to adopt to the changes in the times and situation and men and for the method to produce the same and even results if practiced by a seeker in and at any given time and not found when he did search for such method and master and instead of service for the mankind he found the selfishness in a guarded form in the available methods.

The Men and also of those practices which have been adopted in His Ancestral Home or The Community, which appeared to Him as Stale, without Spirit and Life and they became Mechanical, which state driven Him to the state of Vexed for the forms of worship and produced in Him a nauseating feeling of unbearable order and developed in Him Aversion to the level of unbearable and painful, due to the true ungodly ways, when that state got converted itself to the state of Total Misery and His Existence became the Form Of Misery and reached to the peak and the peak state slowly about to get converted as total madness of Him which is A Reflection of the existing affairs of the pursuits of ungodly means of God realization.

The Firm Faith in the existence of God and a necessity to have Goal of Life as the highest, and a suitable method of practice, and Able and Capable Master to guide on the path of realization and The Master as the Pre requisite for the Method with a suitable prayer which is a statement of facts but not as singing glory, for him as it is indispensable on the path of unknown and the distance is Infinite and he being the finite, all these prerequisites which are to be developed after thorough and indepth practice under the capable Master’s Careful guidance and intense practice are present in Full Bloom State and That Full Bloom State of His Heart expressed in the common parlance as Madness, The Madness for the Union, The Madness for Mergence, The Madness to Become One with The Ultimate and remaining Act On The Part of The Ultimate isTo Turn To Rao Sahib and The Ultimate in Human Form is Ram Chandra, at that Juncture He Got The Feet of The Master on 22nd October, 1955 and that First Meeting with The Master Shri Ram Chandraji Mahraj has occurred at Shahjahanpur at Shri Babuji Maharaj’s House and That Intense State of Deep Seeking and Waiting and Intense Yearning Self when turned to The Divine, The Divine The Mahatma has Transformed as The Divine- Pujya Shri Babuji Maharaj Self, Instantly and Completely and the result is Thorough and Thorough Transformation and The Master Manifested Another Master but This Pupil who got the Master Hood remained as pupil at the lotus feet of Him and further remained as Pupil Only and allowed His Master to Live thereafter, till His last breath of His Life and there after in the brighter world too. The Perfect Atma Samarapana of The Only Order.

Every Subject and Any Subject is a Subject only for Him and He used to read, understand and used to get mastery over the studied subject matter and with ease as The Master of the subject matter He used to explain and give commentary with logic, reason, and in a systematic and scientific way. I asked Him once a question that how You could Understand in this way with ease and in a jiff and His answer is “ The Light of My Master when focused upon the subject matter, the very subject matter reveals itself and the knowledge of it gets transferred and proper understanding descends and the light dawn upon the reading material.”

It Appears That The above mentioned method He Lovingly applied while Interacting with the men of the world apart from abhyasis and He used to find every subject as open book for Him and of the subject present, past, and future is clearly visible to Him and He was bestowed with such compassion His Hands automatically Lifted Up in Prayer For the relief of That Subject.

When any Book of any subject of any size, has been given to Him to read First He used to Examine the Book intently of the size, of the print, of the cover, of the content and thereafter He starts the reading. The way He used to read a book is He used to turn His Head From Left to Right but never He used to move His Eyes, this practice is perfect practice to read as per the Yogic Method of Reading and as per the Opthalmologically also it reduces the strain upon the eyes and is the correct way of reading and the speed with which He used to read is astonishing and the speed is probably a page in a minute or so but He used to read from the Cover page to The Back Cover Page. The speciality of His reading is He never misses a single word.

The Communication Skills and power of writings of Him are written all over and all along the Living Times of Him in the form of His Correspondence with
Shri Babuji Maharaj, His Replies to Innumerable abhyasis and the copies of the replies in Gunny bags full which are lying at His Residence at Raichur, and His Articles in a book form which was published as Call of the fellow traveler, The Panoramic View of SahajMarg, The English Translation of Urdu Form Of Book of The Ten Commandments, and The Kannada Translations of other Books are proof of His Contribution, The Language is Precise, Simple, Spirited, Lively, Direct, and Clear like Crystal. Shri.Babuji Maharaj during His Physical Time Presence on this mother earth, from the year 1955 to 1982/83 All The Correspondence in the form of letters of His Advise, Suggestions, Clarifications, Organisational Matters, Spiritual Elevation to Abhyasis had been communicated to Rao Sahib.

Rao Sahib is great Listener and the way He used to listen is Keeping the Left Hand or Right Hand Behind the Ear, slightly bending forward, intently and deeply absorbed and very keen to know the critical element in vocal expression, in order to increase the size of the listening instrument and allowing the needed space for the sound to reach Him In The Sense In Which The Teller is Talking and He Used to Observe and make the way for the Sound Waves to reach, only to know Wherefrom they are originated and what is happening to the individual and how those waves are affecting Him and what is the result of those waves when touched Him and Producing what in Him and in that individual, when the vocal expression completed He used to recline back and assimilate those expression and with a pause and with Deep Thought full State some Vocal Expression Emerges and The Individual is Flabbergasted and stunned, thoroughly satisfied self and His Issues, problem, query or clarification which were haunting the abhyasis mind and mane are released and again He resumes the Humorous way of Talk and any body wanted to raise a query He used to assists Him to put it in a proper way while listening and Rao Sahib used to give the shape to the feeling of the Enquirer and number of times He used to say The Question must be a right Question and He used to correct the wrong way of questioning and He says, That Way Questioning does not cover the issue properly and totally in the form of question.

All the information, in any form of the knowledge is welcome to Him because He is a born Teacher and the primary duty of the Teacher is to learn first, understand first, analyze first, examine the facts first, ascertain the facts validity first, then assisimilate the validated fact then standardize the same in order to impart when proper and suitable situation demands, this is the answer He gave when I enquired why do you take so much of pains and do all these things, by His conduct He proved to the world that the eternal motto of The True Teacher is Try, Try, Try, and Try again and again and again upon all the pupil to impart the needed and sought training for which they come to Him, do not bother for their total cooperation, do not bother for their abilities, do not bother about their capacities try and find means to improve and increase their capabilities within their frame of attitudes towards the method and Master and keep inventing new methods but never stop trying and giving a chance to the seekers, because they are The Devotees of His Master.

After the reading of the book in any language is over He used to explain sometimes when I enquired about the material and content in the book, He lovingly explains the Theme, Structure, Knitting and weaving and strength and aesthetics and beauty of the subject matter and the pattern of language or other wise and the result is instantly He used to transmit the essence if needed to the enquired self. A True and a Perfect Reader and He reads as Impartial and Unbiased Way, Noble Strait.

All along of His Life during the life Time He used to Complete and Clear The Cross Word Puzzle in 4 Daily News Papers and of All The days and number of Times the results of His Clearing and Completing The Cross Word Puzzle used to be Correct and get tallied when the results were given the next day that is tomorrow. This is the way He used to enrich His Vocabulary of English and He used to See the Meanings of those words in Kannada and if possible in Telugu, and Hindi. He has the Mastery Over The Urdu Language which is very dear to His Heart and He used to say that The Urdu is the Language of The Heart, JUBAAN –E- DIL AUR MOHABBAT- E- JUBAAN.

In order to train and give exercise to the Brain and Mind and to sharpen them He used to solve the Sudoku Puzzle every day in all most all the news papers and used get tallied with His results everyday apart from the books of sudoku puzzles and He used to solve every puzzle all the time and in every paper and in every sheet of the book of sudoku puzzles. I asked Him Appa You Solve it every day, He said Lovingly Yes.. Yes.. I have to keep abreast of the developments of the world, and to keep alive the faculty of learning and learn to know and know examine and anlyse, ascertain, classify, codify, standardize and to impart the essence to the seekers.

From Children Comics to Adult Literature, Light reading material to Mind boggling, thought provoking, Literature of wildness, Fearsome, Suspense, Spy and fantasy and fiction, romance, love and serious subjects covering Philosophy, Spirituality, History, Geography, Civilization, Science, Sci-Fi Fiction, Music Literature of Classic of Indian and Western, Legal, Administrative, Political, national and international, economics, Matters of Money and other Science Journals of drugs and pharmacy and engineering, being a Scientist Himself, He used to read about all those mentioned subjects with the same ease and speed and with the same interest and intensity.

He has read and learned all The Vedas and Upanishads in Original Form and in Sanskrit. He Mastered The Mahabharath, The Ramayana, The Bhagavtha and other Holy Scriptures and writings of Lord Buddha and the Writings of Shri Adi Shankara, Shri Madhvacharya and Shri Ramanujacharya and also of other saints and philosophies and The Wittings of Saint Kabir and He has read The Bible and The Holy Quran apart from Western Philosophies, when some one enquired about his studying other philosophies He replied stating that with the light of My Master I able to understand in a right perspective and proper understanding descends about those philosophies other wise it is a stale subject matter. Every Great Writings has the Essence that is why the said writing becomes great writing and The Writer becomes The Great Men of the times and That Essence of All Those Great Men Writings was Absorbed by Rao Sahib with the Grace of His Master.

While Explaining to me sometime ago about Lord Buddha and His philosophy, Rao Sahib told that The Lord Buddha Set aside all the mechanical forms of worships and deleted and eliminated the entire hordes of gods and goddesses from the Holy Scriptures. The Total Religiosity which is the result of ungodly, unholy means adaptation for sense gratification these noble means of prayers and hymns and sacred chants, is like a sticky material and stick to the consciousness of common man and prevailed and percolated in all the layers of Atmosphere and Then The Lord Buddha Set Aside Those Types and Forms Worship for the sense gratification and Set The Goal As Nirvana and The Lord Buddha Became The Form Of Enlightenment and the one who removes the darkness from. Buddham Sharanam Gacchami; Dhammam Sharanam Gacchami; Sangam Sharanam Gacchami; The Only Way is Sharanagathi- The Renuciation; The Surrender; The Love; for the enlightenment.

While briefing about Lord Christ and Christianity Rao Sahib said that The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit means The One Who receives the Divine Knowledge is the Son and The Giver is The Father and The Medium of Giving is The Holy Spirit and given also the Holy Spirit and Lord Christ attempted and worked relentlessly to establish the Dignity and Decorum and Value for the Human Life. But Lord Christ also Set aside the Mechanical forms of worships and innumerable gods and goddesses of His Times of Barbaric and Slavish Times. Love is the core essential of His Teachings.

In an informal exchange of views about the on goings of the times of Mohammed Sahib-The Prophet, Rao Sahib told at his residence in Raichur that, they were the times of Barbaric Cruelty, which were exhibited in the form of incessant fights among the tribal populace and in the methods adopted to take the revenge against the captives of fight and the treatment meted out to the hapless and helpless prisoners of fight and children, women, and aged of the family members of the defeated Chieftains are so inhuman, height of barbaric and virtually Satanic means adoption. This led to the Chaotic State as all the able bodied men were dying in countless numbers and the dependant young woman and children and aged left to fend for themselves for their livelihood and this resulted in sale and purchase of women as sex slaves and the woman hood itself came under severe pressure and it was about loose the Sanctity and “The Woman” could take the form of and symbol of Sex and leaving such void for the Relationships among the very barbaric civil society for women as sister, daughter, mother, aunts, etc., etc., etc., The Fabric of Family, The Fabric of Relationships so delicate and so intricately woven could torn apart by that situation. And further Ungodly means and ways of worship were in use and in the name of worship thorough carnal pleasure satiating means at the places of worship practiced and that resulted in unbearable oppression on the general populace and upon atmosphere and there was a serious threat to the institution of family, institution of marriage, institution of religion and there by affecting the institution of society as they were the primary institutions in shaping the man, then all of a sudden and suddenly The Prophet Emerged and declared a new method virtually destroying every other method of practice of god realization and set into motion certain social and moral modifications suitable to the conditions prevailed and protected those primary institutions and men from further fall and destruction. And the mother nature’s benevolence was also limited to that part of the land though bountiful in providing the basics of human sustenance, for example, water, cultivable land, forest for the availability of animals, the scorching sun, the desert lands etc., etc., etc., means resources are limited and requirements and needs are more than generation hence rationing, sharing, careful utilization and need based utilization was prescribed for the general good of populace. As the ratio of able bodied men to women was reduced drastically due to incessant infighting among the tribal chieftains and anarchy could prevail if not answered the issue thence Mohammed Sahib introduced the way of Polygamy, declaring a able bodied and resourceful man who can feed and maintain the families of 4 women can marry and protect them from the heat of vulgar men.

The Philosophy of Prophet Mohammed Sahib is, God is One; Let us Worship Him Only and Only Him, that is how Rao Sahib explained.

Once when Myself and Shri Raghavendra Rao Sahib and Justice D.R.Vithal Rao Sahib and Br.Ghante were traveling from Goa to Hospet, from the border of Karnataka State upto Hubli He Spoke to me in Chaste Urdu continuously using Shayaris, quotes, lyrics and they were The Pure Divine Poetry and Divine Music and the beauty is that He knows that I can not understand the Urdu Language, but I had not interrupted Him or asked Him the meanings of the shower of The Pure Divine but some how I know that I had understood the meaning and He has been inducing and strengthening The Faith, The Faith of Unshakable Form, The Faith in myself, The Faith in My Master, The Faith in The Method is of all His Divine Poetry, The Pure Divine in Sound Form and the travel was a nonstop travel upto Hubli an approximately of 4 or 5 hours travel.

At Another Occasion of Marriage of the Daughter of Bro. Dr. Kumar at Gulbarga in the Hotel Room when rest of our companions were in deep sleep absorbed in themselves, in the presence of Justice Vithal Rao and myself who is still in sane state, and Bhai Sahib Chanted Hymns in the Chaste Sanskrit the Entire Text of Purusha Sukta for 2 or 3 Hours to me and I got transfixed in that Eternal Sound and through that sound the ancient wisdom of this sacred land been given about The Purusha, About Yagnya, About Havishu, About Offerings in The Yagna and About The Atma Samarpan, About The Practice of God Realization and again He knows that I can not understand the Sanskrit nor Justice Sahib can Understand the Sanskrit Language but I am sure the essence of Divinity is transmitted through the sound form through His Vocal Chords.

The great Vachanas of Shri Basavanna in Chaste Kannada The Pure Divine through His Vocal Chords and the essence was transmitted, the essence is the god resides in humble hearts and the body in itself is The Temple, The Pure Divine is The Source and It Manifests through The Guru and The Life can Emerge from the State of Death and Dead when the grace of the Lord Smears upon The Dead and The Living Shall be the Grant of That Life and That Life Living is as Human Being.

The Vemana Shataka in Chaste Telugu, The Bhagavatha of Pothana in Telugu, The Sumathi Shataka, and The Stories of Tenali Ramakrishna so on and so forth that very wisdom and the devotion, submission and Surrender and the humbleness with humility were been given as a gift to me but again the core of the utterances is The Pure Divine and with a definite purpose, reminding me that I am a human being and to remain as Human being. He told me to become worldly wise one should read The Panchatantra and Spiritually Oriented One Should read The Literature of Shri Babuji Maharaj.

Shri Adi Shankar’s “ Maata Naasthi, Pita Naasthi, Naasthi Brathru, Naasthi Bandhu……..,” while surging out from the deep depths of Divine, The Seat of Divine, The Heart of Him through and from His Vocal Chords, The Recital taken the Form of The Devotion and filled my tiny heart and such a yearning developed in me to lay my life then and there and that moment is enough for this life. Everything is Unreal and Only Real Is He and He Alone, so strive to achieve That which is Only Real and Permanent, that is the sum and substance of The Philosophy of Adi Shankara, that is how Rao Sahib explained.

When and While Explaining the treatises of Shri Madhvacharya He made me to understand the, The Very Philosophy of That Great Saint in a simple and easy manner and that is This World is as real as That World and Both Are Truth and I have to bring in the balance while living in this world and Both The Worlds are of Him Only and He alone is The Truth and that is only The Truth. All these explanations are in Sanskrit.

The Out Look of Shri Ramanujachraya, Bhai Sahib while explaining about that Great Saint’s Philosophy, is As, It is The Birth Right of Everyone To Worship God and To Worship God No Bar For Anyone, The Total Denial State of Worship which was prevalent at that time to major section of society and eligible criteria fulfilled a certain section of society only and can worship god and not otherwise and that state got converted to Total Acceptance For Worship To All The Humans. Manava Seva ; Madhava Seva;

The Intricate Philosophy of The Great Saint is to start worshipping The Mata Laxmi,- in order to reach The Lord, - The Divine Consort of Lord Vishnu, is The Form of Shakthi-The Energy and The Activity Centre and The Conscious Form of The Lord and The Purusha is The Lord who rests in the Yoga Nidra, Deep Absorption State with latent motion, and it is the duty of a devotee to bring in the balance in The Form of Energy, The Activity Centre, The Conscious Form of him while living with the life to the level of Latent Motion which is worship of Mata and to enter into that state of Latent Motion similar to The State of Absorption during his physical Living, as the human is also the form of energy.

He was so fond of verses of Sant Kabir and in the chaste Hindi and Bhojpuri Rao Sahib used to sing when he was in the state of deep devotion and that state of that devotion captures the heart and melts away the heard Hearts and fills the hearts with devotion and as I could not understand language wise my status remains as ever as listener only.

“Shanthi Pao Tab Jab Teri Ram Japo Naam Teri”

That is the Sum and Substances of Sant Kabir’s True Philosophy and Purpose of His writings and singing Rao Sahib used to say.

Utilization of Faculty of Speech, Utilization of Means of Speech only for the sake of and for the service of Mahatma’s Devotees to bring out such a wonderful results of Tuning and Correcting the Wild Hearts, Mending the Mean Minds and making the being to experience the effects of devotion thereby increasing their faith and firming up their faith and resetting their orientation and charging them with love, sharpening their skills of understanding and increasing their intellectual capabilities, all these results with a causal and informal talks and expressions while informally meeting Rao Sahib.

The Love for the Languages, expressions, ways of expressions, beauty of expressions, strength of expressions, rhythm of expressions, orientation of expressions, force of expressions, expression of feelings through the medium of language, expression of love, expression of communications of the subject matter I have seen with Rao Sahib and that association only developed the interest in me for the languages and its ways of expressions.

It was a mesmerizing the way He used to recite the Shayiris in Urdu, Gazzals in Urdu and Hindi, Quotes from Hindi, Quotes from English Literature, Quotes from Telugu Literature, Quotes from Kannada Old and New Literature, Quotes from Marathi Literature, Quotes from The Sanskrit Literature, this way He developed in me the interest and liking for the languages. The Ways Are So Chaste.

He used to utilize these External Help and Assistance to impart the wisdom by utilizing Those Greatmen wisdom and to strengthen the Faith and in the form of Heart Felt rendering to create the needed atmosphere and needed amount of intensity of devotion to prevail and to rivet the minds and hearts firmly upon the Divine. Converting the recitals or Bhajans or Gazzals or Shayiris as aids and tools when sung and heard with the rhythm and with melodious voice of Him filled with Love and Devotion and Bhava, at the Advanced Level of Spiritual Reach and on the Journey they Help the Sincere Seekers. It used to be in a very private gatherings of 6 or 8 people who could afford such long time for the sake of their own upliftment and enlightenment and it became necessary to keep us occupied with the Divine and He graciously obliging to keep us engaged, for Him to keep us engaged with the Divine and to give us the best results for the time spared by us as He is very conscious of Preciousness of time and efforts of others.

I used to visit Him quite often along with Justice Vithal Rao Sahib and Rajesh(Babuji) at Raichur and some other abhyasis also used to join us like, Br.B.P.Hundekarmath of Raichur, Br.Kasinath from Hospet, Br.Ghante from Dharwad, Br.Dr.Narshimha Rao of Amarchinta, Br.Dr.Shyam Rao of Gulbarga, Br.Dr.Kumar Vaikunt of Gulbarga.

He used to provide us for the Stay, Food, and Comforts for all the days and He used to be at the peck and call of us and waiting all along for us, this went on for decades, and All His Family Members that is His Sons, Daughters, Daughter-in-laws, if Son-in-laws present they are also and Grand Children including Amma, who is also a Preceptor with Full Permission of Shri Ram Chandra Mission of Shahajahanpur, U.P., India., are beelined to take care of us and to provide us to start with Bed Tea, Bed Coffee in the early hours at about 5 a.m., breakfast with Tea and Coffee and again some fruit, Lunch, thereafter place for Siesta with proper aids, noon Tea, small refreshment in the late noon, along with tea and coffee, and Dinner, and all these services are clock precision with a gap of 2 and Half hours. And proper needed arrangements He used to make for Leaving us for Bus station or Railway Station and to Receive us also including Railway Enquiry and Bus Time Departure and Arrival and for the Bookings also, Only His Time and His Family is Free and the Value for our Time and Money and they are Precious, what a Nobility of us.

Every day Meditation sessions apart from Regular Sessions at Ashram, whatever may be His Physical Health Condition and Physical Convenience!

Debt if it is Debt can it be ever re paid? The Gracious One Never Uttered or murmured a Single word Nor The Family Members, but as a right and privilege we have often used that faculty to complain. If all the Wealth of the World if I have, Can that Debt be redeemed? No Equal, a paltry sum, a miser’s attempt, Alas I had Lost such a One, it would have been better a one like me to go than Such Gracious One To Leave this Planet.

Rao Sahib physique is well formed and properly developed Tall physique and properly built and gait is firm and swift with grace He moves, but very tender and supple is the formation of muscle of His Body and Strong Cage of Boney Structure, and wide chest with long hands and rosy healthy artistic fingers and nails, clean and neat appetite, the head is to the proper proportion of the body, powerful eyesight, powerful Jaws and very strong Denture, very sharp ears and well developed long ears, wonderful taste buds with powerful Tongue, a very well formed and developed Nose Bone structure with wonderful smell discerning capacity, when He sits down He always sits in Erect posture.

He is early to rise and early to bed, and all His physical actions are clock precision and maintaining and storing things are also has a certain and definite pattern with need as the base for the expressed patterns, majority of application of those methods of storing, retrieving and maintaining is the way of automation in the human form.

He was dead against to taking loans and He used to say that Debt is a great burden, and always lived within his means and His personal expenses were nil because He has no personal need and He told me once that He wanted every abhyasi’s personal expense should be nil and He further enlarged the statement stating that He doesn’t want miserly way of life, and spend for others as much there is a need to spend, but always he used to be generous and a Perfect Host, and while serving the servings are Sumptuous and Tasty and full.

Reciprocation of Social Etiquette and Manners are lively, spirited and superb with Him and that is the reason He always go through with keen interest every detail of all the invitation cards and preserves those cards of invitation till those celebrations are over, on His table, who ever would have sent and used to reply them or send His family members to attend or He Himself used to attend those functions with due Honour, or Send The Due Honour with Known People who attended those functions and enquire with those men about the function and His communication of His inability of attending the said celebrations thereby He used to fill the void of attending those functions , by responding to those events in this way. He used to fill the Spirit in those Acts and used to set aside the mechanical way, with due regard and respect to the Customs and Practices of Institution of Family, Institution of Marriage, Institution of Society, thereby He Brought The Sanctity to Those Institutions, Nation and The World are nothing but group of those Institutions with physical boundaries. Vasudhaiwa Kutumbam.

The house He built at Raichur is the living proof for the above statement, when one of my civil engineer friend asked Him, sir, You have built the window with Concrete Frame, He answered stating that yes.., yes.., it is a need based house constructed for the comfort of stay and to protect from heat and cold and to give us a shelter. We can say it is eco friendly house with the ample provision for sunlight and air and proper ventilation.

When it was difficult for us to Visit Him at Raichur, Though Aged He used to undertake The Travel By Road or By Rail, howsoever it is difficult and painful for Him to Travel He used to visit us at our place number of times and for number of years and used to Stay always with Justice Sahib for minimum of 3 days to one week maximum, and all those days twice a day Satsang used to be conducted at Justice Sahib’s Place and He used to meet 150-200 Abhyasis and indulge in innumerable discussions. What for He used to Travel with all the pain and inconvenience? Why He used to Undertake such amount of Travel, when asked Him, He said, it may be difficult for all those abhyasis to visit me even though they wanted to visit me at my place due to my old age, then it is better One Person to Come For The Benefit of So Many, any how the purpose is served whether I undertake the travel or they undertake the travel and these present day times are hard, tough and difficult.

He explained me once when I asked Him about Human, Life and Living, when we were traveling towards Hospet to go to the house of Br.Kasinath;

He said that Human is the One Who has the thinking faculty with well developed mind, and with the human heart.

If we keenly observer there won’t be any much difference in the activities of Human and Animal

When the Human lives with the life as human he tends to use all the Sterile Instruments of Surgeon which to be kept in Sterile Condition which are God given Gifts namely, Mind, Thinking, Heart(Human Heart),Buddhi, Chitta, to satiate the master of him and for his carnal pleasure, that is The Body and The Body Dependents and things, and he lives with that deep-rooted conviction that ‘He’ means the body only, then it becomes ‘Life’ Only.

Shri.Babuji Maharaj when sown the seed of Divine then Human becomes in True Sense as Human because He has got The Divinity that differentiate him from the animal hood and All his Sterile Instruments of God Given Gifts are getting used and trained to the purpose for which they were bestowed on human that is to pursue the path of God Realization, then the Living Started for the human.

Now if I enquire with myself what is Raghavendra Rao and How I could relate me myself with Him, suppose with the following expression I attempt to compare my feelings for Him; Say;

“ Guru Brahma; Guru Vishnu; Gurudevo Maheswaraha!

Guru Sakshath Para Brahma Tasmayee Shri Guruve Namaha”

They are all States of Godly Functionaries for the sake of and to assist Nature’s Work somewhere up and above in different plane and platform and I can not reach them but Appa is Near always and never away;

“Aasatoma Sadgamaya; Tamasoma Jyothigamaya; Mruthyorma Amruthangamay”

From Unreal to Real; Form of Enlightenment to Become; Acquire The State of The Eternal Life;

He is The giver of all these forms of Truth; and made number of individuals to realize those States of Truth.

“Om Sahanavavathu; Shaha Nau Bhunaktu;

Shahaveeryam karavavahai;

Tejaswinavadhithamasthu; Maa Vidhwishamahai;

Om Shanthi: Shanthi: Shanthihi”

His Prayers for the individual Evolution and Individual Emancipation and Fulfilment, always is there But due to His Master’s Transformation of Individual Self of Rao sahib as of That The Self, From That The Self That Awareness of That The Self is Not Present and From That State of Unawareness, The Spiritual Impulses are emerging or flowing in a Natural Way continuously to all nook and corner of The Existence or Creation and Beyond and That The Self Every Act Is An Act of Prayer Only and That State of Prayer becomes The State of Prayer When That State comes to the Awareness and That Awareness named as The State of Prayer and That The Self Turns To That Form or State In Particular and In Specific, When Any Individual, Seeker, Devotee, Presents Before Him or Happens to Get The Remembrance of Him, Instantly He Resumes The Prayer;

Oh! Master!

Thou Art The Real Goal Of Human Life,

We are yet but slaves of wishes putting bar to our Advancement,

Thou Art The Only God and Power To Bring me Up to That stage.


He was not in need of my faith, He was not in need of my prayer, He was not in need of my confidence, He was not in need of my intelligence, He was not in need of my capacities, he was not in need of my powers, He was not in need of my gentlemanliness, He was not in need of my civility, He was not in of any favour from me, He was not in need of any monetary gain, He was not in need of my time, He was not in need of my Prana.

Of my Free Will and choice I sought everything from Him, of His Time, of His Prayer, of His Faith, of His Intelligence, of His Capacities, of His Powers, of His Gentlemanliness, of His Civility, of His favours, of His monetary assistance, of His Prana, of His Chaitanyata, of His Prajna, but He is so Gracious without my asking He Did Atma Samarpan For The Cause and For The Devotees of His Master; Na Bhootho Na Bhavishyathi;

But I remained wailing, weeping, having lost such Association of Such a Teacher and The Master Who Could Manifest such Teacher, not knowing what to do and simply waiting with their memories in order to conclude the left over life of mine.

That Eternal query still remains; what is that query, the query is What is Raghavendra Rao? What is His Mission? Because the life and living of Him Transcends all the meaning of life, living and death and life and living thereafter the death, then it can only be a Mission for which He Blessed this Earth, About That Mission Only Shri Babuji Maharaj, His Master, Knows.

“Sahasrasheersha Purushaha

Sahasrakshaha Sahasrapaat

Sa Bhoomeem Vishwatho Vruthvaathyathishthat Dashangulam.”

This Vedic Mantra of Purusha Suktha is The True Form of HIM and I have seen and still left Something to See in Him and am Fortunate The Purusha Remembered Me as Me.

“Vedahametam Purusham Mahantam

Aditya Varnam Tamasah Parastaat.”

This Vedic Mantra Apt to Mention Here and This Vedic Mantra ordains As Sacred Duty To Perform, That Performance of Sacred Duty is To Pronounce To The World Having Seen, Having Lived with That, The Great One and The Only One, The Personality, is binding on one and all as this Vedic Mantra is Sacred and Spelt With Ancient Wisdom of Those Time of Time Immemorial and Those Men and Times were merged in the womb of This Beloved Mother Earth, and for the Sake and Love of The Mankind This Wisdom Was Given As Gift To The Mankind.

I had lived with Him The One, The Purusha, The Personality and The One and The Only One He Gave Me The Life and Taught Me The Living am Blessed.

But for me for the rest of my left over life He is My Beloved Father – Appa. That is all.

Rishi Moolam; Nischitam; Satyam; Vishleshanam – Nishiddham.

How to relate that Life with this living

A perfect model of correlation and balance was visible throughout His physical living with That Life called Life Divine. The Seamless finish He gave while Living in this physical world with that of Divine alloy to these mundane affairs. It is only Pure Divine which is conducting in all affairs of Him including His Physical movements, which were guided by the Divine, nay , That very Divine was moving. How did that happen? The Revered one submitted to His Master in Toto and The Great Master absorbed Him in Toto too and That Very Great Master Lived thereafter.

It is a great event which never happened in the annals of mankind where the Great Master wanted to make Masters not Disciples that happened now. Master made His Pupil as Master in the very first instance of meeting but Pupil having got the Master-hood remained as Pupil till His last breath. It is visible in his day to day life of his attempts of learning from all mediums whichever comes to his notice. The way He used to see, the way He used to read, the way He used to listen, the way He used to analyze, the way He used to participate in discussions, the way He used to interpret, the way He used to analyze problems, issues, matters pertaining to this world and of that world or any subject like poetry, science, law, politics and administration ,national ,international, health, psychology, aesthetics, household chores, mythology, religion, geography, interpretation of all religious texts in the light of His Master, spiritual analogy, interpretation of spiritual experiences, and matters pertaining to realization and thereafter,(if life remains after realization by the grace of Master). It is a feast to the eyes of the observer as well as participants the way He used to conduct. The way He used to interact is that everyone who ever were present used to feel that he is very special to Him and He used to create a thought provoking atmosphere thereby making every individual intelligent and sensitive. In His company The Divine Light pervaded all existence. Logic, reasoning, systematic and orderly thinking are His tools, down to earth approach, plain, simple, honest and sincere are His attitudes towards one and all. He is the epitome of manners, etiquettes, respect, compassionate in all walks of life. The Social Etiquettes, The Social Manners of Him made Him a Darling of everyone. For the new born to aged as well as dying ones He had individual approach in perfect form acceptable to one and all , allover the world and worlds above. The Time Sense which He exhibited appears to be that of Master of Time and it gives conclusion that He is setting the Clock of Time. This was evident in His physical body moments as punctuality-Punctuality is the result of Time Sense. His needs are nil. To cover His physical body clothes are there and to continue His Life, He appears to take little morsels of food and water. He lived almost without food and water during His Last Days of 110 days but He remained as Pupil and Teacher during that time also, by experimenting the effects of starving and without water too on the Physical body as well as on the Brain in particular and thereby on the spirit. He told me that this is Tapas. He concluded that particular type of Sadhana by undergoing Himself and Mastered it and Properly Set it for the posterity. His Oratory Skills are unparalleled on all subjects. The Knowledge, like the Ganges ,flows from Him as if Descending Down to this Earth First Time in its Purest Form through His Vocal Chords. From His Mane of Enlightenment the Divine Light Emits and Spreads to all the nooks and corners and it used to take charge of every animate and inanimate existence amid Occurrence of Pranahuthi which was a natural phenomena. He always guided everyone to See and Realize Master in their own
Hearts but His Master realized in Him and He not only saw His Master in Him but also in every Abhyasi’s Heart and in all Manifestations.

His organization methods are informal and loving or so naturally organized giving complete freedom of thought and action to the doers of work ,but ,yet to have the feeling that everything and all accomplishment and work are taking place by the Grace of Babuji Maharaj. This special way He used to weave the organization covering and involving one and all. Single handedly He Created Centers throughout India and in particular South India and abroad. He was the source of Selflessness and Zeal and Spirit and used to effect one and all in His association. Encouragement flows from Him to all continuously in all pursuits of the Abhyasis. Even the most downhearted one will be lifted in spirits and hope restored and courage bestowed just by His company. His language and utterances are soft and soothing, precise, direct and clear are the ways He adopted while communicating, care and love as natural partners in the conversation.

All the good and merits are My Master’s and defects and faults are mine. He used to say that if any one wants to find faults and defects in Him ,at the most he can find 3 or 4 but if it could be of some help in abhyasis’ practice then He can write and give pages. See How He guides everyone’s attention and faculty only for the purpose for which the abhyasi came in and reminding one and all that the time and thought power and process are precious and to use them carefully and achieve the goal of life at the earliest. How much is the importance to practice and Goal of Life to be given? This is the question put to Shri. Babuji Maharaj, the Answer from Him is : As if You are going to die in the next minute.

By remaining at the Holy Feet of Param Pujya Shri Babuji Maharaj, Our Revered One declared by His Living that to be at the Holy Feet Of Shri Babuji Maharaj is the only place for one and all.

- End of Article-