Master, Mahatma Ram Chandraji Maharaj Says:

"While Welcoming the Mankind for the Spirituality and for practical experiences"

He declares -

"The end of Religion is the

beginning of Spirituality.

The end of Spirituality is the

beginning of Reality.

The end of Reality is the

Real Bliss.

When that too is gone

We have reached the

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Views About Master, Method, Meditation Part 2


4. Sri Babuji Maharaj - The personality

5. The Guide

6. When enquired with The Holy Self

Shri Babuji Maharaj - The Personality.

Prana in its original Form, Prana of Universal, Prana of Universality, and Prana for Mankind, Prana for Animate Existence of other Forms and Prana for Inanimate Existence is only once to manifest as inanimate existence .Different types of Pranas

Prajna in its Original Form, Prajna of Prana, Prajna of Universal, Prajna of Universality, Prajna of Mankind, Prajna of Animate Existence of Other Forms. Prajna of Inanimate Existence is the result of the Godly principle of Maintenance and the space and time which maintains, guards and allows it to continue in its shape and size and shade and colour etc., Different Types of Prajna.

Chaithanyatha in its original Form, Chaitanyatha of Chaithanyatha, Chaithanyatha of Universal, Chaithanyatha of Universality, Chaithanyatha of Mankind, Chaithanyatha of Animate Existence of other Forms, Chaitahanyatha of Inanimate Existence is Jadathva. Different Types of Chaithanyatha.

Vitality-Ojus in its Original Form, Vitality for Vitality, Vitality of Universal, Vitality of Universality, Vitality for Mankind, Vitality of Animate Existence of other Forms, Vitality of Inanimate Existence is it produces some sort of physical energy. Different Types of Vitalities.

Atma identified itself only when Atma born or Seperated from the Oneness of That One, The Paramatma, Only Existence and further that knowledge been given to Atma with that Awareness of Atma, which is the only Sheath which is separating it from Paramathama, thereby establishing the Individual Identity and the Individuality is born, which came into existence. The Original and Pure State of Existence just separated from the Paramathama couldn’t remain for long , and The Sheath of Awareness Emerged in that Pure and Original Existence and then it is called The Atma, The Atma with that Sheath of Awareness also couldn’t remain for long in that state or remained only till that state prevailed to be remained. At that juncture of emerging of this Individual Atma, The Process of Multiplication was resulted and enacted and this Process was Activated By The Jerk of The One, Only Existence, The Paramatma, and in The One, when That Only Existence was about to get Solidified from the State of Deep Absorption of Oneness with One, when That Deep Absorption State of Oneness with One Matured and Developed to such an extent and level and state of solidification was set into motion leading to the solidity, that awareness of losing its Existence and State came to be experienced, then that state gave an impulse to be Alive, that impulse produced that Jerk, That Jerk Experienced by The Bursting Way and Process, of Condensed and Solidified Form of Light, at the Core, Due to That Bursting Process, The Unfoldment of Paramathma’s Existence Took Place, as a first stage and level and named as Ananth, The Limitless, The Limitless Expanse, which has an Activity of Contraction and Expansion, but in a State of Deep Absorption or Layavastha, in ‘The Form’, ‘The Form’ Heirarchy is Established and is Called ‘Purusha’, and the Manifestation is called ‘Prakruthi’. State of Shushupthi and Phase of Karma & Kriya Enacted, Though the State of Shushupthi has the Activity in Latent Form or Natural Way. When That Unfoldment got Completed to its full level and of Completed State, as a primary state, paving a way in that Limitless for The Bursting Way and Process The Rest of Creation Took Place. In That Limitless When Some Existence is Existed or Evolved or Emerged, by the resultant effects of Bursting Way and Process, for that Existence sake That Limitless Emerged a State Called Space to manage and to maintain that emerged existence and that space has the character of measure, and that measure gave birth for That Time of That Space, That Emerged Type of Spaces and That Emerged Type of Times manifested and allowed to remain, innumerable Universes within them, which came into Existence due to the process of Bursting and Emerged the Physical Universes and Nature to evolve to suit the small speck of The One, The Complete, form, which is the member of Result of Multiplication Process of The One, is born or separated and named as Atman and Atman started to acquire further layers of different density and intensity of purity, absorbed with Atman and they were named as Shuddha Ahankar of different states and stages, having transparency, opacity as coverings around and in Atman. This Small Speck of The Complete, being the part of The Complete has come into existence in a tiny form and able to conduct and function as The Paramathma in a limited sense and view. The Paramathma became the Cause of this Creation and who has all the Capacities Present or emerge when needed. So as this Tiny Speck called Atman has the powers presented in it to manifest the creation of, within its capacities. Atman has its root with The Paramathman as it was emerged out of Him and from that Atma can draw that Impulse, apart from Atman’s own powers and capacities which came to Atman’s share while emerging out from Paramathma and Paramathma has a direct channel manifested in Atman which takes care of His Purpose, that is, on going process of creation, for that this dedicated channel was manifested by Paramathma in the Tiny Speck Atma though this awareness is there with That Atman but still having the capacity to manifest Atman’s own Creation, Sustenance and Destruction.

Atman, Sheaths of Shuddha Ahankar, Prana, Prajna, Chaithanayatha, Ojus, Manas, are the essentials to name a Physical Existence as Human. Atman from which That Source of Sustenance being fed for the rest of Existences around Atman down to the physical body, That Godly Sustenance is named differently for different purposes and functions with slight difference at every state and stage and level. Atman in the human form has two sources from the Paramathman, one is of Atman’s Roots, and another is Paramathman direct source, of Godly Sustenance in its existence. One is for the purpose of this race on going or continuity and another of its own abilities expressed in the form of its own creation.

Paramathma has the Universality as He is the Cause of innumerable Universes’ manifestation.

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The Guide

Guide is the Goal, Guide is the Path, Guide is the Guide on the Path, Guide is the Means.

The Stir which brought down this Creation into existence became the nucleus for manifestation of Human form as it is existing now. The same Stir in another form appeared as Mind in Human, in Human mind it descended to the level of Thought State, wherefrom thought originates. This is that portion of that Individual Self and wanted to identify itself as independent self. Now the Individual Self Exhibited in Pure Form in Human.

A state emerged in that Form that of Separation, that resulted into yearning, and it became its nature and living constantly and continuously in that state of yearning not knowing for what, generated a good amount of heat and further the same heat fomented its state. The existence started to experience imbalance and inconvenience and it realized that as Misery. Life is Misery as it is experiencing the separation.

The Stir in its state not visible but experiencible and The Human Mind imbibed it and expressed itself as fickle(momentum) but the human mind retained the Original Essence of First Stir which is the Primal Cause of Creation. This Human Mind having momentum, a character of independent identity and the capacity to set into motion the process of creation and creation, which it brought down along with it from the First Stir, created innumerable layers charging each layer with all the capacities it has and became a silk worm in its cocoon. The Misery became manifold and intolerable giving a powerful stir again to the mind for the fulfillment of Union. Misery gave birth to restlessness and it paved path to Unrest and no peace. This agonizing search for Union ended up in Sensual Pleasures with the help of thought and mind and senses, which are Surgeon’s Instruments to be stored in a perfect Sterile Condition of Pure Divine. Using the Surgeon’s instruments for Carnal Pleasures and Senses, Pleasure Gratification concluded the downfall fully and perfectly. Now there is no chance what so ever for human to rise as he laid himself and rested properly and He is at ease at The End of Human Existence. He is perfectly lost in wilderness.

Depending upon the Degree of intensity of layers of all levels of human existence, the human mind and being reflect that amount of Light in life, which governs and sets into motion its course of life and direction of Up or Down tendencies while living in this mundane world, in the form of behavior, likes, dislikes and personality straits.

This Light with its degree of intensity appeared in human form in this world as saints, learned ones, scientists, great leaders, Mahatmas, great teachers, bhagavans, Yogis, prophets, son of god, etc., to guide and shape the mankind’s course.

Now it became clear why Human has a purpose to live, and to understand the purpose it became imperative for him as well to search for and to have a path and to have a method of practice, and to practice, apart from the obstacles which were part of him and the ones which he developed and added in the continuity of his existence further burdened him and he realized that its impossibility and enormity of the situation to think of realization or Union with Pure Divine, making him helpless beyond comprehension clearly indicating the necessity of Goal, Guide, Path and Method, Practice and Prayer for human evolution and reach.

OH! Master Thou art the real Goal of human life,

We are yet but slaves of wishes putting bar to our advancement,

Thou art the only God and power to bring me up to that stage.

The above prayer with few lines explains the essence of all the above expressions.

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When enquired with The Holy Self

When enquired with The Holy Self, Thou art What? Thou Art Where? Thou Art How ? Thou Art Why? And What am I ?

Thy Self is no other than Me, The Holy Self Presented this Imperience in this I.

If this I is Thou Holy Self, then this I expressed Thou Holy Self This Way.

Thou Art The Knowledge, Thou Art the Devotion, Thou Art the Renunciation, Thou Art

The Surrender, Thou Art the Mercy, Thou Art the Merciful, Thou Art the

Benevolence, Thou Art the Benevolent, Thou Art Creator, Thou

Art the Sustainer, Thou Art the Destroyer, Thou Art the Ahankar, Thou Art the Prajna,

Thou Art the Prana, Thou Art the Chaintanyatha, Thou Art the Ojus. Thou Art The Holy,

Thou Art the Holy Self.

The Imperience in this Existence presented is I am Not, Thou Art The Source of All, I am

Not, the imperience presented. Then How did they all present?

Reply in the form of Imperience, that Something Emerged as there was a need manifested

For their existence, then that Something Emerged, that emerged produced a need to exist

and continue to exist, then the further need emerged to give identity, that produced a

further need in innumerable forms and shapes, these needs emerged all over fixing

themselves with their identity, thereby identification, identifying and continuity need

also emerged, maintaining need also emerged, destruction need also emerged, continuity

need of maintaining, continuity need of destruction also emerged, so the

multiplication, “Seperation Occuured” Just Happened, Rest is Need Based and Emerged

to Satiate the Need.

Further query then What Are You?

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