Master, Mahatma Ram Chandraji Maharaj Says:

"While Welcoming the Mankind for the Spirituality and for practical experiences"

He declares -

"The end of Religion is the

beginning of Spirituality.

The end of Spirituality is the

beginning of Reality.

The end of Reality is the

Real Bliss.

When that too is gone

We have reached the

Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Perception about Raja Yogi Yoga Drastara




Oh! Lord, Oh! Gracious One,

This Meek Self Seeks a further Grant From Thy August and Noble House as ever, as never satiated ous One, in seeking as long as This Tiny Existence Continue to REMAIN IN THE AWARENESS OF THIS STATE, That sought Grant be in the form of Rememberance of The Beloved One,

“……..Aapi Ki Nazaron ne Samjaha Pyar ki Kaabil Mujhe, Ji Huzoor Muze he Manzoor Hai Aapi Ki Eh Faisala…….,”

Unless This State of mine be turned to The Master, there is no solace or satiation to this state, when attempts, efforts are made by me and a motion is created in the self and created motion of self set into motion of momentum in that direction, Those attempts and efforts taken the form of ‘Dynamic State’ Shri Babuji Maharaj accepted that state as Sadhana, Abhyas, or Practice and all along goading me, corrected and oriented them as So,thence this turned state became a statement and a statement to be stated or placed before The Master, then, hence it is Considered By The Master and Treated as The Prayer and Accepted, so let me State The Prayer,

Oh! Master,

Thou Art The Real Goal of Human Life,

We are Yet but Slaves of Wishes putting bar to our advancement,

Thou Art The Only God and Power to bring me Upto That State.

After this attempt of placement of self at the lotus feet of Him, a sort of whirling of motion is experienced within me and produced raise of tides of emotions thereby making me to experience the very state of my Life, Living and Continue to Live and when I further ponder over these states I end in expressing this state this way but I do not know how, why, such state emerged and who made to emerge this state apparently no idea but it can only happen by The Act of Rajayogi who is guiding me, training me and orienting me.

When strangely my thoughts hovering around my life, living and remaining in the state of continue to live and the resultant effect is felt in the reality of “ physical times” which were just and simply gulfed in a ziff by me without having any control or orientation of time or meaning of time, “The Physical Time” is getting consumed without any awareness of anything, to say about life, living and continue to live as well as the time, a perfect directionless state as I have no awareness of experience of the direction of my life rather am spinning with such a velocity in the Cosmos like The Mother Earth Moving Eternally In The Deep Space never remaining at any point of specific destination or pathway, suddenly an awareness descended, opening the faculty of my mind and by slip getting a little control of the slipping time along with the way am consuming everything and this state led me to ponder over the subject matter of My Life, Living, Continue to Live State and this further led me to the state of exhaustion of mind and heart and when I am in such a state not knowing what to do, how to do, unnoticedly my mind and heart got riveted around a new thought about the purpose of Life and Living and suddenly a thought crossed my mind to look into ‘BhagavdGita’ Text and I just opened the Book and for my astonishment I found the following Verse, it appeared to me as befitting answer for my unknown quest expression as The Purpose of Life and Living as Human, as I am, as The Lord Emergence By Himself, as Human, a ‘stunning feat’ I thought to myself.

Ajopi SannAvya Atma Bhootanam Iswaropi San

Prkriti Swamadhistaya SambhavamAtma Maya Ya.

The Lord Sri Krishna Ji Created The Purpose of Human Life By Declaring To One and All The Supreme Truth of His Advent and Emergence by this way to The Entire Creation and His Presence in The Human Form as Human Being., this being and became The Highest and Supreme Goal for The Human Life to Attain That State “The Human” Of Which He is The Form.

Every one of us proclaim, assert and further believe in the fact that we are human race as we are very distinct and different from rest of the species of the creation and we have two clear, definite features ‘Thinking’ and Speaking Language’s and certain of common features in physique, in the faculties, in the functions, in the needs, in feelings, in emotions, in expressions and we all can THINK and SPEAK A LANGUAGE, cutting across THE GLOBE, thereby we have broken the barriers of NATION OR NATIONS, “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,” further expanded its definition and Created a UNIVERSAL MAN, Saying We are HUMAN – HUMAN RACE we belong, but every one of us in our heart of hearts knows the reality That This Statement is An Ideal To Achieve, as we are living in the ample proof state of affairs contrary to That Ideal in the form of Wars, Genocides, Atrocities in the name of Religion, Mafias, Drug Barons, Underworld Dons, and White Color Heinous Crimes, Arms Race, Wealth inflicted Crimes of Unparallel Dimensions, perpetuation of crimes in the form of Scientific Advancement and Research in the field of Chemicals, Medicines, Bio-Technilogy etc., etc.,

Then The Lord made provisions for the fallacies and short comings of humankind as He Lived in Such Times Which are Comparable with our present Times hence He Porclaimed as The Declaration of Human in the Following Verse in Bhagavad Gita.

Manushanaam sahasreshu kaschidyatati sidhdhaye|

yathathamapi sidhdhanaam kaschinmam vetti tatva thaha||

Bahunam Janama Namanthe, Jnavanamam Prapadathyathe

Vasudevaha Sarvamithi Mahatma Su Durlabhaha

The State of That Supreme Goal is Tougher than Toughest has been in The State of Veiled Since For Long Time In The Womb of Times which The Lord Un Veiled and Declared That Who Could achieve That Supreme Goal as Human, The Lord mentioned with the above Verse.

Yam Hi Na Vyathayanthethe Purusham Purushrsha Bha

Samadukka Sukam Dheeram So Amruththavya Kalpathe.

By This Above Verse Declaration The Lord gives as The Gift to the Mankind as Grant That This Shall be available to the mankind from hence forth as achievable state so as to achieve That Supreme Goal, which state became The Prerequisite Mind and Being State of Human.

Sukadukke Samekruthva Labha Alabhav, Jaya Ajayav,

Thatho Yuddha ya Yujjaswa, Naivam Papa mavapshya ci

As This Mother Earth being The Karma Bhoomi for the mankind and for the entire creation and as the only source and place to achieve by taking the human birth That Supreme Goal, The Lord Benevolently Gave a Further Grant To The Mankind by Emerging The Above State of Being as the Second and Further State of Being during living as human amongst This Gigantic Activity of Karma

When the purpose and goal of human life was declared as declaration of binding upon mankind to achieve by all the texts and scriptures of all the religions and thinkers, this state became synonymous of existence along with the birth as human in this land.

Time and again the purpose and goal of human life as subject matter and serious pursuit been illuminated by innumerable pathways and methods along with innumerable means by The Personalities of Godlyness in their Times in the history of mankind from Time Immemorial in all Civilizations of Mankind.

Known History and Civilizations of Egyptian, Babylonian, Chinese, and Indus Valley Civilization apart from Greek, Roman, and Persian Civilizations did present clear details of those Methods and Practices of That Highest Goal of Those Times Conception.

Zorastrianism, Judism, The Times of Mosese, The Jesus The Christ, The Islam and our own Civilization Presentation of Views, Methods, Means to begin with Vedas, Upanishads.

But for The Mankind All While Highest Goal and Ideals are and were been given but seldom or few times only in Entirety of The Goal or Ideal been Clearly Defined and Destination been Spelt and The Live Eternal Support to The Eternity been assured and A Path Way been given for The Mankind, hence this task of Achieving the goal became difficult or almost impossible as the speed of human evolution is also added further force to the complex situation and of the subject matter.

This State Led to Such a State Creating a Complete Void allowing it to be filled by The Divine.

Hence The Emergence of The Divine Master in the Human Form Mahatma Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Shajahanpur, a Concession to the mankind to perceive That Divine Master as Co-Human with The Perfect Method of Practice with The Training With The Transmission and Clearly and totally Defined Goal and Path Way and With His Support into the Eternity, to achieve The Goal.

The Training aspects He Started with Physical State, Mental State, Psychic State, Spiritual State, Purity State and Leading to The Divine State with all the levels, stages, states and statuses of each state with the utilization of Transmission.

The Physical State Comprises of Innumerable compounds and is an admixture of physical energies with the perfect expression of powers, capacities, capabilities, energies and abilities having a direct bearing on rest of other states as well as upon the existence and upon co humans, so consonance has to be brought in.

Lord Krishna gave the following verse in explaining different types of human beings with variety in each of them with complete difference among them but still The Lord Asserts and Accepts all of them are human and they belong to human race, but further asserts it is only blessed few who attempts to practice the Said and Set Ideal of Him, implicitly following the path He Shown.

Manushanaam sahasreshu kaschidyatati sidhdhaye|

yathathamapi sidhdhanaam kaschinmam vetti tatva thaha||

My quotes from the Holy Text Bhagavad Gita, it appears extensively in print form in this expression of mine but The Great One, The Teacher of mine Raja Yogi Shri Raghavendra Rao of Raichur made me and making me to experience and pass through all those states and continuing to induce the experiences, visions, feelings, states and Status of different types of Yogic Experiences through the Transmission in everyday during my personal practice time and also all throughout the day, having perfect control and command upon the thoughts and thought process, of my being and able to bring in or induce or interpret or orient or guide or materialize the befitting things within me, around me, and out of me, such was the command of My Teacher – Raja Yogi –Yoga Drastara my Beloved Appa.


Anonymous said...

What do you do for a living? Just giving free psychological lessons to human kind?

Rajan said...

Dear Suresh Kumar,

I was closely in touch with Sri Raghavendra Rao. He was my beloved brother. In my child hood I used to play with him like a child. All my family members used to like him like any thing. He used to solve all my spiritual problems with in seconds. Such a highly evolved soul he is. I can never forget his benevolent company.

I read your article just now and Sri Raghavendar Rao appeared before me with embracing hands. Really he is Divine itself.

Loving brother, Rajan.

BHANUOM said...

Dear Suresh uncle..,

One has to experience it befor they conclude anything in this "Spiritual World".... Every day with your help, i am seeing the changes towards improvement in my Proffessional life...

Thanks for giving...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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LGuruprasad said...

Uncle thank you very much,i have seen lot of changes in my personal and professional life.

Anonymous said...

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