Master, Mahatma Ram Chandraji Maharaj Says:

"While Welcoming the Mankind for the Spirituality and for practical experiences"

He declares -

"The end of Religion is the

beginning of Spirituality.

The end of Spirituality is the

beginning of Reality.

The end of Reality is the

Real Bliss.

When that too is gone

We have reached the

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Perception of A Sage

Reddy Sahib

Brother Raju Ramachandra Reddy Garu…….A Sage

A Small fragile form of delicate, subtle presence with aroma and fragrance of Nobility and Humility was amongst us till recently and suddenly it so happened that cruel irony of fate stealthily smiled with wicked wink at the life of this Dear One, at once bringing the untold misery, pain, and agony upon this humble and noble existence and made to pass through that crucifying, torturing and torching state in and for that Delicate and Subtle System of existence leaving no option for That Existence but To Take Refugee At The Holy Feet of His Master Shri Ram Chandra and of His Rememberance and That Only Became This Feeble Body’s Food and Water and Sustenance and This Dear One Converted That Agonizing State as Instrument and Transformed That Agonizing State As The State of “Smaran” which became The Very Breathe making it to reach and charge that very Breeze which came to his rescue to keep alive that “Small Life,” as the consumption of that quantity of Breeze as Breathe is not even sufficient for any form of Living and Sustaining and this is the amount of breath which gets inhaled is almost equal to not taking any breathe but still this “Small Life” is Living all along and Inspiring, feeding, filling, sustaining and continuing The Very Live Faith of His Lord Mahatma Shri Ram Chandra in all the seeking souls, yearning souls and wanting souls and apart from this, this “Small Life” and This Heart remains in The State Prayer for all those Noble Ones who gave promise to do ‘Smaran’ of His Master, unminding, unnoticed of their acts and deeds in reality, such is the wonderful living This Noble and Humble One Lived all along the living span of his life and to find the greatness and height of thought of his Samarpan to His Master is, we have to find in his own words of informal talk that “Even The Kshudra, Kshullaka States are Nobler Than The Noblest, if perchance of Luck if these Lords accepts me and give me refugee at their Holy Feet I am blessed because ‘am not even dare enough to say that I belong to that states, when compare to The Servant of the Servants of The Master, where is the question of my doing any Service to any one, and it is Only The Master Who does, doing and continue to do the Service to the entire existence forever and eternally,” by this way of his living, he shaped the life and living and created and defined the art of living by absorbing the Nobility and Humility in the living and transforming that very Life As The Form of Those Entities and those hearts alone are the hearts where this fragrance and aroma presents and in them only any one can find The Master, dear brothers and sisters this aroma and fragrance of nobility and humility he wanted to fill every seeking heart and soul and remained absorbed in That Noble Act of filling, This Being The Eternal Will and The Eternal Wish of every heart he wanted to make and which ever heart came into his contact he wanted to do and continue to do this very sacred and holy duty forever and to the eternity, and to remain in this Holy and Sacred Act and to remain longtime in the mortal frame became bit difficult as this mortal frame could not contain it self with this utter saturation of Divinity in the form of Nobility and Humility and the particles started getting disintegrated and getting absorbed in the atmosphere charging the Utter Divinity, then when The Command of His Master Appeared to leave the mortal body on 11th January 2008 at 8.15am he left the mortal coil, a simple changeover situation for this Great One but feeble hearts like me it is a huge burden to carry on, for this pathetic state he alone should grant the necessary strength and power to withstand and this he joyfully wanted to do provided we open ourselves to him to fill our beings with That Great Aroma and Fragrance of Divinity, so brothers and sister let us join our hearts and souls to live that way and allow his share of joy atleast now as we encircled our selves within ourselves for a very long time and let us release him from that pang and pain which was generated in his heart for not filling our hearts to the brim of our existence with that Divinity and let us take together an holy resolve to remain as befitting to the Very Life which the dear one consumed for our sake, and let us state our state and turn our state to Him and Place it at the Holy Feet of Mahatma as,

Oh! Master,

Thou Art The Real Goal of Human Life,

We are Yet But Slaves of Wishes,

Putting bar to our advancement,

Thou art The Only God and Power to bring me upto that Stage. Amen.


Duke said...

Peace be with the moderator, as well as those who read this message.(if this message is not censored :-)
The time has come.
I am here to bring judgment to the living and the dead. The harvest is ripe.
Now is your time of testing.
Pass this on to all fellow believers.

The Faithful Witness

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