Master, Mahatma Ram Chandraji Maharaj Says:

"While Welcoming the Mankind for the Spirituality and for practical experiences"

He declares -

"The end of Religion is the

beginning of Spirituality.

The end of Spirituality is the

beginning of Reality.

The end of Reality is the

Real Bliss.

When that too is gone

We have reached the

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

“Veda Mantra” – A Prenote expression about “The Personality”

“Sahasrasheersha Purushaha
Sahasrakshaha Sahasrapaat
Sa Bhoomeem Vishwatho Vruthvaathyathishthat Dashangulam.”

“This Vedic Mantra of Purusha Suktha is The True Form of HIM and I have seen and still left Something to See in Him and am Fortunate The Purusha Remembered Me as Me.”

“Vedahametam Purusham Mahantam
Aditya Varnam Tamasah Parastaat.”

"This Vedic Mantra Apt to Mention Here and This Vedic Mantra ordains As Sacred Duty To Perform, That Performance of Sacred Duty is To Pronounce To The World Having Seen, Having Lived with That, The Great One and The Only One, The Personality, is binding on one and all as this Vedic Mantra is Sacred and Spelt With Ancient Wisdom of Those Time of Time Immemorial and Those Men and Times were merged in the womb of This Beloved Mother Earth, and for the Sake and Love of The Mankind This Wisdom Was Given As Gift To The Mankind.”

“I had lived with Him The One, The Purusha, The Personality and The One and The Only One He Gave Me The Life and Taught Me The Living am Blessed.”

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